The horses, after all, are the stars of this show. All 4 of our horses are different and so unique, so I figured they deserved a page of their own. Even though I don’t post about all of them that much, they deserve to be “met” by my fellow bloggers. 🙂

Red –

  • Registered Name: Cash’s Stepping Up
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • DOB: May 30th, 2002
  • Discipline:  Trails mostly, dabbling in roping and western dressage.

Cash’s Stepping Up, AKA Red, came into my life in July 2012, although he’s been in my family since he was around 5 years old. He was bred in Holloway, Minnesota, on a big farm full of Quarter Horses, although it wasn’t until 2013 that his history was found. His sire is Big Step Son, a very accomplished stallion that’s produced many rodeo horses. He got a rough start but he’s carried on and became a truly well rounded citizen. He was trained for team roping, started on poles and barrels, and for most of his life, he was a lesson horse who dabbled in Western Pleasure and Dressage. Nowadays, we incorporate a lot of dressage but he’s strictly a western horse. (as of now, at least!)



  • Registered Name: We know barely anything about her past, although I do think she was most likely registered I don’t know.
  • Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
  • DOB: Unknown.
  • Discipline: Her job is currently getting healthy. Our main goal is trails. Eventually.

We brought Jubilee home on 1/11/2015 after a good friend of ours rescued her from an auction. She was sold for $75 and would’ve gone to a kill buyer.  She was sored (this is soring) which sadly isn’t very rare here. We have no idea what this poor mare has been through in her life, but her body weight and overall health kind of displays it. She was emaciated and had so many issues I couldn’t even try to list them all. We believed her to be 18+ but in reality, she was actually closer to 30 than 20. She went to her retirement home after we had rehabbed her. She was a very special mare, and if I had of had the type of pasture that she needed, I would’ve kept her until the end.

Stormie –

  • Registered Name: Badger She Might
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • DOB: May 11th, 2002
  • Discipline: Trails

Stormie became a part of the herd in early May 2015, after my mother sold her Appaloosa gelding, Spirit. Her first few days here were rough, but my mother has totally fallen in love with her and she’ll be here until she’s old and grey. She was used as a 4H horse for awhile, then a trail horse. She has a few siblings and we’ve gotten in touch with her breeders, you can find their website here. Her family is full of some beautiful horses, mostly greys, and they do mounted shooting. She’ll be a spoiled trail horse now. 🙂


  • Registered Name: Zippo Crotons Bar
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • DOB: July 25th, 2006
  • Discipline: Western Pleasure/HUS/Trails

Zippo was rescued on the 4th of July by a friend of ours, who found his ad and traveled to go get him. We’ve been told he was kept in a small dog lot,and has obviously been neglected.  He was bought as a 3 year old to stand at stud but never distended, so he was later sold and people claimed that he was gelded and just fell into the wrong hands. We brought him home on 7/21/2015, later found out he was a cryptorchid (not distended and was never gelded.) After he attacked Red, he was separated from our herd and then later threw my mom unexpectedly, sending her to the hospital. We sold him to people who have experience with these types of cases and he’s doing very well.

Halfpint – halfpint1

  • Registered Name: Not registered.
  • Breed: Dwarf Miniature Horse
  • DOB: Unknown (he’s 3 years old at the oldest.)
  • Discipline: ahem..eating.

We rescued Halfpint in March 2014. We found his ad on Facebook and fell in love with him and thought that he would be a good friend for Cowboy, our other miniature. We were told that he was very tiny, young, and tame. We did not expect to see what we saw when the owner brought him to us. He was absolutely infested with lice and worms, skinny and his hooves were so long that they sleighed upwards. He was wild and had never been handled. We had long road ahead. Fast forward and he’s now the tamest horse we have. We refer to him as our Golden Retriever. He is too small to have a proper job, so he is simply our little pet and trick pony. He loves liberty and smiles, hugs, kisses, bows, paws and lays down on command now. He does have dwarfism which makes some things hard for him, but you would never know that he had such a bad life before, looking at him now.


  • Registered Name: Cowboy’s Little Rock
  • Breed: AMHA Miniature Horse
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Discipline: Jumper/Halter/Future Driving Horse.

Cowboy came into our life in 2013. After getting Red and selling our miniature mare, Barbie, we decided to bring in another miniature. We found him on Craigslist and he had the most wonderful breeder. He’s an Appaloosa mini (he seems to be turning into a dun but not positive.) and he’s an absolute brat. He loves to jump and once he turns 3, we’ll be starting cart training. Of course, as much as he loves his job, he loves biting people even more… 😉 Oh, ponies.

Cowboy was sold in September to a neighbor 🙂

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