Where We’re At.

I haven’t posted since May, because working full time is apparently quite time consuming, and it has literally been somewhere around the temperature of hell here this month. I’ve made some fairly big decisions regarding two horses, and I’ve slacked off with Ransom as far as work goes simply to let him be a baby for awhile now that he’s turned into a pretty darn solid citizen lately. He knows how to behave, he knows the basics, and I trust him to go be a baby for awhile and still be sane when I need him to. He’s getting lunged once or twice a week for about 10 minutes per vet instructions because of his stifles acting up due to growth. He’s 16.1 at this point, growing like crazy, getting sweeter every day. I swear, I love him more every second I spend with him.

He turns two in September and was wild just a few months ago, but I can trust him more on the lunge line than any of my broke horses. He can go from straight up gallop around to walking in a split second just by vocal cues. He never pulls, he never rushes, he is light as a feather and respectful as can be. His movement is really nice, he’s naturally pretty slow and when he’s even and not going through a growth spurt he seems to have a pretty nice uphill canter. We’re considering going the HUS route with him, or maybe low level dressage.

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Red has been put into semi-retirement. Being trail ridden when I have time and lunged a couple times a week to stay somewhat fit, and the kids hack him around in the arena when they want. His heart is not in work, and I’m owning up to that now. He’s a happy camper. I’ve given up on my ideas of eventually doing some little local shows and having him ride in any way that resembles well trained or fancy šŸ˜‰ I’ve moved my riding attempts onto Gracie for the time being, and she’s doing really well. Green and out of shape, but she’s got a nice work ethic and a lot of heart.

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In short, life is good. It’s been a good few months, good summer. Insanely busy, but when is life calm around here?





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