Meet Baby J!

I have like, a ton of updates. Here’s all of them in brief picture form before we get to the real meat of this post…a NEW BABY. Apparently everyone’s equines are foaling, and Blossom decided that yesterday was the perfect day to finally pop. Those of you on my Facebook and Instagram have already been bombarded with dozens of photos.

First off, I got over a major fear last week and I cantered Red. We’ve ridden three times since then, did canter work all three times after, and he is doing wonderfully. He’s crowhopped twice purely out of stubborness and been great the rest of the time. I’ve discovered the trick…carrying a dressage whip. One tap on the butt and he’s off.o1

I am over the moon happy to be cantering my horse again with confidence. Yes, no helmet. I’m stupid, I admit this, and as soon as I can afford it I will be purchasing another one. Right now my wallet is limited…because, ya know, training a colt, horses need feed, I just had to have the vet and farrier out and BOOM surprise foal that came earlier than expected. But soon.

Not only has he been rockin’ the canter work but he’s looked like this at the trot for the last several rides:

Update number 2…I had my trainer out to see Ransom on Saturday, just to work through some small issues that we’d been facing (very minor) and to get some homework. We’ve kind of been at a standstill so I needed her to come out and tell me what I needed to work on next. It was a long day but he did fantastic, especially considering he’s extremely uneasy around new people and hasn’t seen M since December. We worked on ground driving, and he panicked a bit at the ropes then calmed right now. We quickly realized that I need to work more on flexing and vocal cues before doing major ground driving, but we’re very pleased to see how quickly he picks up on things. He may be scared and trot around in circles and panic for the first few minutes but as soon as he figures out what you want, he does it, no questions asked. A few firsts happened…he took a bit for the first time, went great, he wore boots for the first time, went great, was ground driven for the first time, went well except for the fact that he’s just not 100% ready, and we worked on lunging on the line for the first time. We had to work on getting some respect for the whip because apparently, I desensitized too much and at first he didn’t want to move off, even when M was waving the whip like crazy behind him, lol. On one hand I’m still happy about that because before, that would’ve caused a TOTAL freakout.

All in all, M left telling me that he is a really good baby, very smart and willing to please. All he needs is to be taught, and that is what we’re doing. I love him a little more every day. He’s still lunging perfectly on the line for me.  I told M that everytime she leaves, I swear that I’m left with a brand new horse – in a good way.

He’s also letting me lay my arms and torso (using a mounting block, because he’s TALL and my head comes to his withers lol) over his back and is letting me touch everywhere without being afraid which is new, so I’m really happy.



He’ll be going to my trainer for 2 weeks *sniff sniff* very soon. The current plan is to have my trainer haul him out but we’re waiting for a smaller trailer with a ramp to be available. I’ll miss having him at my barn every day because he’s the highlight of every visit and always comes running to me, but I can’t wait to see how good he will do there. If one 45 minute session changes so much, imagine what 2 weeks will do!

Now, for the exciting part of the post….welcome Jerusalem “J” to the family!


Blossom began showing major signs on Friday and I expected her to foal within a few days, according to the donkey people that I talked to. We checked on her at 9am Sunday morning and she acted completely normal, then when we got home from church at 1pm, we drove by and looked over at her…and saw baby legs hiding behind her. We screamed a little, pulled over and ran out…to see this cutie! Blossom was acting totally normal and is still doing great, baby is nursing, pooping, peeing and running around like a crazy kid. We originally thought that it was a jenny but he is ALL boy. Both are doing so good and Blossom, despite being very nervous and protective at first, has been a great mom and is letting me handle J without problems even though she almost kicked me yesterday. 😉


He is HUGE, I don’t even want to know how she fit that thing in there, but his legs are straightening out very quickly and he’s already been cantering around the field like a big boy. He’s doing great and loves to be touched and scratched behind his ears. Very special to us because, as most of you know, I’m a very devoted Christian and he was born on Palm Sunday, also known as Blossom Sunday, the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem and prepared to be crucified. We named him Jerusalem because of that. He’s a very special boy and a very loved member of our little town already. We have cars stopped all the time coming to look at the baby.


So, there is my bucket load of updates!


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