The Best, Craziest, Dumbest of Decisions

I’ve had Ransom for a little over 4 months now, which is crazy in so many ways because part of me feels like I’ve had him just as long as I’ve had Red, and the other part is like “Didn’t I just make an ad to look for one?” When I first posted my ad, saying that I was casually looking for a young horse – a year old at the very oldest, would prefer a weanling, preferably a filly, with little to no experience/handling- on my Facebook page, I got about 10 messages from fellow horse people saying things like this:

“Are you stupid?”


“You’ll regret it.”

You see, I love groundwork. I love transformations. I love love love getting those horses with a screw a little too loose in their heads, a bit awkward, a bit skinny, a bit hairy, and watching them start to change. I feel like I’m unwrapping a present. I love it. I love being the one to take the tools that I have and fix things…with the help of professionals whenever I need them, of course. And I love doing new things. So…why not? Worst thing that could happen is I could regret the decision and rehome the horse later. Or get even more professional help than I planned so I don’t screw a horse up if I can’t sell it quickly.

I’d manage.

So, I brought a big, muddy, wild colt home and named him Ransom.


I brought him home and then, for the next couple of days, I thought “Oh, what the heck did I do?” What possessed me to bring home a completely WILD colt? Scratch that. What made me think that i could handle this huge colt? If he was sized like a normal yearling…yeah, I could do that. But this horse is ginormous. Even bigger now. Bigger than Red. So if he decided to be stupid…I could get seriously hurt. And he did decide to be stupid. The first day with a halter was a breeze. And so was the second day, and the third day, and the fourth day. I added a lead rope. It went well. Then it went well the next day. Then he freaked out. He, not in a mean way at all, but in a “I am confused, I am unsure, I am a baby, help me understand.” Bless my trainer, God bless her, because the day I had her out she set all of my fears at ease and we figured something out.

This horse wants to please more than any other horse I’ve been around. He tries SO hard. The moment he figured what we were about, things changed and he hasn’t bolted since then. Granted, we’ve had some spooks on the lead but he tries his best not to be stupid and comes right back to me. He still has baby moments because, hey, he’s a baby and he was completely wild four months ago, but nothing he does is out of meanness. Nothing he does is stupid. He’s learning how to control himself and his spooks are almost laughable now.


Getting this horse was probably a stupid idea on my part…but let me tell y’all, he was much needed. I got him at a very hard point in my life, right after losing my father, and I don’t know what I was searching for but I definitely needed something to get my mind off of things, something to help me prove something to myself. That my father would be proud, that he’d be happy, that I’m someone to be proud of. I needed to know that I am capable of chasing my dreams, and so far, things have gone in my favor. This horse means more to me than any other horse in the world…Red closely ties, but there’s something about him that just sparks something in me.


There’s something special about bringing up a young horse, especially when you get to be the first one that they really know. Seeing that he is still uncertain around others but if I’m there, he’s okay. Seeing that he’s gone from running from everyone to following me like a dog. I went to the barn yesterday after being MIA for a few days with the flu, and he wouldn’t leave my side. Everywhere I went, he was there, being a goofball. He’s developed a personality now that he’s tamer, and he’s hilarious, quirky and weird. He likes to nudge everyone with his nose, he likes to give kisses and play in water, and likes to take my hats off of my head and throw them. He likes to nudge my ponytail with his nose and make it swing around. He loves scratches and to be curried. He likes to please and he likes to be around people.


I made a crazy, sudden, stupid decision and I ended up finding something that has reignited a spark in me, a fire that I’ve been missing ever since my mother almost died thanks to one of our rescues. Instead of fear…I’m just excited. I can’t wait until the day that I can throw a leg over this horse. I could be having the worst day and seeing him there, regardless of how he acts or if he’s having a no good, very bad, very scary and spook filled day, I’m happy to see him.


So, happy 4 months to my horse, the horse that still feels like he’s too good to be mine, the horse that has stolen a huge hunk of my heart. Here’s to a lot of years training, riding and being with this big grulla.

Thanks for making me into a happier person, Rans.


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