Oh hey, another new addition.

Before I get to the non-horsey topic, a brief update on Ransom…

My parents have been out of town for the last week and just got back home yesterday. Because of this, I’ve been feeding alone and didn’t want to get Ransom out by myself considering he’s still spooky and green.I didn’t want to take any chances and get hurt while alone, so he got over a week off of most handling. I groomed him a few times out in the pasture, of course I pet on him, fed him, touched him and loved on him, but no halters or groundwork. I haltered him yesterday and did groundwork and he was PERFECT. He’s remembered everything he learned from my trainer and has done amazing.

Image may contain: horse and outdoor
He’s also made it to 15 hands.

I plan on doing as much groundwork as possible in the next few days if the rain would just STOP already. All is silent on the Red front because it hasn’t stopped raining, and when it did stop, it was 9 degrees outside. He’s doing great, enjoying time off while I die and curse the nonstop rain.

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He did great with engaging the hindquarters, backing..leaded very calmly. He continues to impress me!

Now…in other news…

My family has always loved German Shepherds. My mother grew up with them and loved them just as much as she loved her horses. Her best friends were Shepherds. My grandmother still refuses to go without one, and the highlight of every trip I ever made to Florida was seeing the Shepherd’s at my grandparents house. They are so beautiful and intelligent, and I loved them. I’ve never been able to have one of my own because of multiple reasons…I was too young and not ready for the responsibility, then we got our two big dogs and we didn’t have the room, and so on. But today, I fulfilled a dream and bought my own German Shepherd. Meet Ruger!


Image may contain: dog and outdoor

He is a 9 week old AKC registered German Shepherd. Mostly out of German lines. He’s absolutely gorgeous and is going to be a BIG boy. He is so sweet and smart. He has already learned how to sit, stay and knows what “come” means. Doing great on the leash and today is his first day of potty training. He’s already going to the door when he needs to go potty. He’s extremely talkative and very relaxed and laid back.

Image may contain: dog
This is his sire.

I’m so excited about him! Expect more posts about him and his training later on. 🙂



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