Gelding Life!

Typical for me to plan holidays around my horses, Ransom got gelded on Christmas day! He also got his wolf teeth removed, vaccines and coggins done. Weird day to plan, but my vet is amazing and honestly, it was quite a great Christmas present to have this done. He can be with the herd in 30 days (Well, less than that now.) once we’re sure all of the testosterone has left his system and he doesn’t try to make any babies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was extremely nervous around the vet and new people, so getting him haltered and chill enough took a few minutes but he turned out to be a light weight and getting him down was easy lol. Everything took off without a hitch so I’m relieved. He needed some bute yesterday morning but then seemed great for the rest of the day, as predicted by my vet, and I’ll be up to check on him later on this morning. I was worried that he’d be on edge after such a hard day and he was a bit weird around my mother yesterday. I spent a few minutes with him yesterday and he calmed down a ton and ended up being at the barn for the rest of the day and he started acting much more like himself. He got to see kids for the first time, new people at the barn for a photoshoot from the photographer sister, and he didย way better than expected with kids running around and other people. He stayed stalled during this and he even let the kids pet his nose and never freaked out, so I was impressed with how he had chilled out in a few hours.

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If this doesn’t show Ransom (And Halfpint’s) personalities nothing will. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They have bonded and are very close which is surprising considering how Halfpint acted at first.

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So far so good with this dude, I really like him, even more than I expected, and his personality just gets sweeter and sweeter. I’m somewhat nervous about the whole breaking a horse prospect as far as riding goes, but I have a couple of years before then and multiple trainers so I think things will go great. Already putting some extra money here and there in a little safe place to prepare for that. Next big thing will be getting his feet done but I have a few more weeks to work with him at home before that happens.

As far as Red goes, he’s great and enjoying the time off that he’s had because it’s literally rained nonstop since the first of December. The temp was amazing over Christmas but my place is a mud pit, arena is awful, trails are horrible, so riding isn’t happening right now.


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