Big Baby Horse Comes Home!

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous after writing my last post. Number 1, I was wondering how the ever so critical horse folks (I love being a horse person, but y’all know it’s true) would take it considering I’ve been very real here when it comes to how I struggle as a rider/horse person. I’ve received some negativity, but only from a group of kids from Instagram that I won’t worry about. Number 2, it’s easy for me to let doubt kind of plague my mind after I make a big decision, and I spent a couple nights tossing and turning, wondering if I made a terrible decision, if he’d end up being too much for me to handle, yadayada. Luckily for me, I have multiple trainers helping me out and I’ve been able to make some connections with some awesome people lately so I’m not doing this alone. Luckily for me, my fears based on the colt, Ransom, were taken away pretty quickly when he got home the day before yesterday. He had never had any sort of handling up until a week ago, and that was only a touch here and there. Definitely never been hauled. He got right in the trailer, rode great, then hopped right off the trailer when he got home. He’s gotten along great with my donkey and even our dwarf mini, who literally tried to attack him immediately, which, in hindsight, was hilarious. 28 inches of dwarf vs. huge yearling. He has been so well-mannered, I haven’t had a problem out of him. He did have a bad case of loose stool but that’s been cleared up already, and he’s a tad underweight for a few reasons but I’m not concerned. The first day, he was antsy and would let me pet him but that’s about it, yesterday, he was definitely improving and meeting me in the pasture for pets and letting me brush him down, today he was so loving he became a pest pretty quick…but I won’t complain.

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There was a squeal, then total silence, then Red walked off and they’ve made a habit of playing over the gate very gently, so I think they’ll be buds.

Image may contain: horse, sky and outdoor

I’ve had the halter on already but no leading quite yet. I plan on trying to start that tomorrow, but it’s been pouring rain so that has limited me a bit. So far, he’s taken everything in stride. He’s not bothered by cars or the UTV, he was very uneasy with the stall at first if someone was close by but great being stalled for the first time when he was alone. Today, he let me in to muck out the stall and didn’t react at all to me being there. In fact, he decided to follow me for the entire hour I spent cleaning stalls, and when I would stand still for a second, he’d either start playing with my hat or trying to play with the rake.

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This was as close as I could get on day 1 without him darting away.
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Then he decided to try climbing in the car with me the next day. (Broken mirror from a car accident,not a horse, LOL)

He’s very interested in playing and definitely starting to show off a sweet baby personality, so I threw our jolly ball that the big horses never play with into his pasture and I’m hoping he’ll have fun with it. So far, I have seen nothing out of him that I don’t like. He’s a tad fidgety and spooky still but honestly, our mare Gracie is worse than him, lol. I’ve picked up both front  hooves and he acts like he couldn’t care less. Only time I’ve seen a full blown spook is when someone tossed a flake of hay into his stall and he didn’t notice them, and he sort of pranced around for a minute before he started eating again.

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So, long story short, the kid is settling in great, better than I imagined by far, and I’m really wondering if he could end up being another very, very special member to the family. I won’t be able to say for sure until he’s around 4 and getting broke,but I really like this dude and I think he may end up being my next permanent riding horse.


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