The Worst Luck.

A couple of weeks after I posted last, Red went lame again. He was still walking and running around like usual, more on the gimpy side than just completely lame, and I immediately suspected more thrush. Sure enough, it went away after I treated it with thrush medication. Long story short, despite me keeping his hooves clean (cleaning daily, making sure there is nothing at all in his feet twice a day.) to prevent the thrush, it keeps coming back. I finally talked with a farrier, not my own, and sent photos of his feet, explained the situation and what is going on, and then got a few more opinions after that, and we’re all sure that he’s having these issues because of bad trims.His frog is messed up, his heel and bars are way overgrown, especially considering he’s on a 6 week schedule and we’re never more than a couple days late. He has a very thin crack in his heel which is where the thrush is getting in, and it’s so small, it’s impossible for me to clean it out properly. I started using the smaller syringes of ToMorrow because I can squeeze the tip into that crack and it seems to have helped him immensely. He’s back to 100% and has been off of the ToMorrow for a few days now.

While I’m thankful that this isn’t a bigger issue and the biggest thing that he should need is a set of front shoes for awhile so his hooves are protected after a good trim and he isn’t walking on his sole, I’m still miserable because this puts off riding, yet again.

I’m ready for my luck to get better. Anyyyy day now.

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