Back In The Saddle Again!

Red has officially been sound for a couple of weeks other than a day when he was a bit gimpy, not lame but not sound either, because he had some thrush building up again despite me being extremely careful with keeping his hooves cleaned, and even that was no big deal and lasted for that day and cleared right up with ToMorrow. I’ve been putting off riding him because, 1.) I’m an anxious freak and I’m worried that riding would somehow be too much for him yet, and 2.) because he hasn’t been ridden in forever and I was nervous about what kind of horse I’d be climbing on. We’ve never gone this long without riding, ever. But yesterday, he seemed to be in a great mood, came running down from the big field after turnout time up there, so after he ate, I bit the bullet and got him all tacked up. Before he went lame, I started trying to work harder to beat my anxiety in the saddle. To beat the fear I have of cantering on him, that slightly nauseated feeling I got whenever speed was mentioned, and it seemed that those fears transported themselves and were now present even when the saddle wasn’t around. The idea of getting back on him was stressful, to say the least, but…I got on.

Decked all out in his new pro choice SMB’s that I’ve been eyeing for months. They went on sale! Be still my heart 😉

Luckily, he seems to have stayed in fairly decent shape and all of his muscle hasn’t disappeared quite yet. I was wondering if I’d have to let his girth out, baha. He was a bit hard to mount which I expected, a little bit gate sour, but man, he was good. He felt perfect, didn’t even feel stiff. I took a few laps at the walk and then gave him the freedom to do whatever speed he wanted and felt comfortable with and he ended up trotting a little, and that felt pretty much perfect. His head was low, he was relaxed, it was nice. We only rode for about 20 minutes because it was getting dark and I wanted to end our first ride on a good note and not push him too far too quick, but he felt completely normal.

He looked great this morning after the ride, so I do believe that we’re officially back in action. I’ve missed this horse. Better riding updates to come once we get a few more under our belt.


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