Well, update; didn’t ride over the weekend because my body still hated me and I managed to get another fever, it was literally 100 degrees outside and humid and terrible, then when I felt somewhat human on Sunday, well, it just wasn’t a good day.

I did spend part of the day on Saturday dosed up on cold medication and ibuprofen to go look at something of the four legged variety to bring into the family. What, you say? Most people assumed it was another horse, but it’s actually not a horse. Technically.

Image result for donkey
not my actual donkey.

All I have to say is….wee snaw.

Backstory, we have a bit of a coyote problem. When I say a bit, I mean the stupid things (I love all animals, but EW) have not only started killing our neighbors animals, but they’ve decided that that should bring them into our pasture and drop them off when they’re done doing coyote things to them. We have our dwarf miniature horse and he desperately needs to be moved to the farm because he’s literally in our backyard right now and he’s running out of grass, it’s turning into more of a dry lot. Plus, it would be nice to feed all of the animals in one place as opposed to running around everywhere to feed in the evening. So, he needs to be up there but also needed a protector. Enter donkey. It’s taken some convincing on my mother’s part. She knows nothing about donkeys, never been around them. I’ve met a few and know a little, but we’ve both been nervous and unsure about bringing in another animal. We found out that they’re pretty low maintenance, so we took a chance and went to go see some on Saturday and holy cow, I watched my mother fall in love with a donkey foal. Those, sadly, didn’t work out for us because the price was a bit too steep, but that night I found a cute standard jenny for sale. She’s also bred, which is exciting because we were hoping for a bred one or one with a foal for the experience. (btw, although we don’t know much about them, we have a lot of people around who do, so the donkey is totally safe so don’t worry about pregnancy or labor, haha.) The lady didn’t tell me how far along she is, only that she is “very pregnant”

We’re going to go see her tonight and bring her home. I called dibs on the baby since I wanted a yearling or a weanling really bad in the beginning of the year and gosh darn, I’m getting a baby. So, here goes a fun new chapter – donkey owning!


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