First off, let me say this; my life hates me. Like, seriously. Red has been sound for over a week now, he’s doing really well although he’s been enjoying running the fields and being a hot, slightly spooky mess on the lead when I go on little walks with him (which is being fixed, because uh, disrespectful pony on the ground is no bueno) and I know it’s all from him not DOING ANYTHING SINCE JULY. And he actually got the clear to ride…ahem…awhile ago. Everyone in my life is currently enjoying making fun of me because I’m an anxious wreck and I don’t want to screw things up by riding him too quickly (although, in the words of one of my favorite horse people in my life, “Dude, he gallops and bucks around the pasture all day. You’re going to put a saddle on him and do some light work and ease him into things. Do you think adding a saddle and working him lighter than he’s working himself is going to make an abscess appear or something?”) but I finally got up the nerve to hop back on and then..that day I planned on riding..I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Probably one with a horse trailer attached to it, because horses hate me, too, apparently. And I’m still feeling slightly like a run over person, and I can’t quit coughing, but I am so riding tomorrow if I can actually manage to get, uh, on my horse without dying.

I have ridden once since he’s been lame, I hopped on Stormie for a few minutes. Stormie is out of shape, fat, cranky and a very different ride. I love that horse, I swear I do, but she’s not my type at all whatsoever. She has a few problems under saddle; she likes rooting and pulling at her bit, and she is very barn sour from not being worked often enough so she likes running to the gate any chance she gets. So our ride mainly consisted of getting her to accept the bit a little more, and doing fun circles until she realized that her behavior wasn’t cool and Stormie you’re going to go in a straight line away from the gate at the trot without running me literally INTO the gate. Riding her made me miss riding Red even more, and I’m beyond ready to be over this huge hump and be able to start working with him again.We were really making progress before this happened.

A great sight to see after my horse was three legged lame for so long.

Not really much to write about when the horse is out of commission, and now the rider is out of commission. I’ve gotten behind on reading blogs, too, just because I’ve had no interest to read about riding when my horse was so lame and I was stressed, as slightly terrible and rude as that sounds. Oh well. We’ll be back soon.


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