Abscess From Hell

Since I wrote my last post, things have…happened.

I rode Red again a couple days after my last post and he was wonderful. Then, I went to ride him on Saturday and he felt off. We started out with ground work and he looked stiff, but not necessarily lame, so I decided to hop on him and do some very light work to see how he felt and when I hopped on, he did not want to move, walked as slowly as humanly (horsely?) possible, and then started throwing his head. I dismounted, and untacked. I figured it was the heat, but when I came back to feed him, I found a lame horse.


Cue freakout. We realized pretty quickly that his abscess had returned, and after calling my farrier (actually three farriers) my vet (actually two vets) and messaging my chiro, we realized that we simply didn’t do what he needed to keep that abscess opened and it closed too soon, leaving lots of nastiness still inside his hoof. I didn’t panic until the next day when he was extremely lame. I mean, he had three legs, did not want to move. He started laying down, and I, of course, got in touch with vets, my farrier (and another farrier that we’ve used for our worst rescue cases who is just amazing) and our old barn manager from when we boarded because she has lots of experience with this. Thankfully, we did find out that it was an abscess and nothing more…my friend called it “the abscess from hell” and I agree wholeheartedly. He explained why he was laying down and said he see’s that a lot with bad abscesses, especially the recurring ones, because the hoof is already sensitive, and not to panic too much. He told us to up the cold hosing and soaks to 3-4 times a day and for 25 or so minutes each time, so we started doing that. Thankfully, I started seeing the abscess want to burst on Monday, and it blew yesterday. He stopped laying down yesterday and is getting around much better, still lame and a bit uncomfortable, but our farrier said that with this abscess, it’s going to take a few days for him to be completely recovered because of where it’s at, and how big it was. His swelling has gone down a lot and he’s actually willing to walk with me, and he’s getting around. He’s been in our front pasture again so he’s enjoying that.

Walking yesterday.

My vet and farrier recommended to hand walk him as soon as I felt that he was able to walk enough without a ton of pain and yesterday we were able to start that. He walked quite a bit with me and he was looking pretty good. I’m seeing even more improvement today.

I have been a nervous wreck with this, we’ve all been, and I’m so ready to kick this abscess completely. I’ve never been so happy to go up to the barn and see pus leaking out of my horse’s hoof before, rofl. Luckily he’s been a pretty darn good patient, especially now that he’s feeling better, and even though we got attacked by horse flies last night he seems much happier. 😉 He even managed a little buck yesterday to get them off which was great. Keep sending prayers and happy thoughts to us!


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