All Clear

My chiro came back out on Friday to do a recheck on Red; very, very good news. His swelling was gone, he was 110% sound, his abscess was no longer sensitive, and even the places in his neck and hindquarters felt great and were no longer stiff. I’ve been told to massage his neck as often as possible to keep it from getting stiff again. Overall, he was ready to ride. I tacked up Saturday evening and took him to the arena, used the longer shanked hackamore because he has been wired from not having much turnout time and from not being worked in nearly 4 weeks other than a very small ride just at the walk. He was fairly well behaved. Extremely barn sour, very lazy unless we were going towards home, and it took a lot of leg to get him moving forward which is very typical for him when he’s had time off of work. We did lots of halts, lots of circles, just to get his mind on me, and after about 10 minutes of doing that, we tried the trot. Like I said, lots of leg, but his trot felt pretty nice.

After riding for 20 minutes, I took him out to the field and got halfway up before saying uh, nope, because he was very spooky and felt like a live wire. We made it back down without him going too crazy, and I made him walk back to the barn slowly.

Not much to report considering it was a short ride and I’m still letting him ease into work, but I plan on riding again tonight, weather permitting, and continuing to ride a lot in the next few weeks. He’s been a live wire in the pasture and he desperately needs work.

But..good news, he’s ready to ride!


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