Chiro came out this evening; I had planned on writing this post tomorrow since I posted a brief update on Red earlier, but I’m way too excited to leave it for tomorrow. First off, she got there and asked me to walk him, her first thoughts were, “He’s nearly 100% sound.” She checked out his swelling which was the same as earlier, pretty puffy to the point where you couldn’t feel any bones or tendons or anything. The heat wasn’t bad, but it was there. She said her first thought was a bowed tendon, but she still thought it could be an abscess. After some feeling around, he wasn’t ouchy at all no matter how hard she pressed….until she got to his coronet band area and bang. Red was not a happy camper. As she felt around, Red stomped and bam, a huge abscess appears. She had felt something, and right as she was saying she thought she felt an abscess, we turned around and it had blown. And this thing is massive. Crazy amount of drainage and nastiness. She felt around, put some stuff in it to help it, and the swelling is nearly 80% gone now. It started draining and his swelling went down so quickly it was insane.

You can see the drainage in this, just a bit. Bad photo because he wanted to walk and eat.

The more she looked, the less concerned she was about his tendons. Came to the conclusion that this abscess has been brewing for awhile, and it just would not blow. The cold hosing helped it like soaking it would draw it out, and since I had just started hosing longer and really focused on getting the leg nice and wet, it blowing now makes sense.

Once we were less concerned with his leg, she moved on through the rest of his body. I asked her a few questions about his issues with bits (i’ve heard of horses having stuff out of place in their heads which makes bits painful) his issues with collection, and his cantering issues. After looking, she only found two places that needed some work- the top of his neck, and a place in his hindquarters. She gave me the technical names but I knew there was no way I’d remember. These places weren’t bad, his neck was fairly stiff up there and she showed me how to work on that, and by the end of the session his neck felt WAY better and his hindquarters seemed to be doing great. She said she found nothing that would cause pain while riding, and said she thinks his issue with cantering sounds completely like pure bad behavior and not pain at all. Very relieved to know there was nothing out of place or crazy sore, he’s held up very well.

She comes back on Friday, he will definitely have time off probably through the weekend but she said if he’s still doing good and that abscess is cleared up he should be good to go very, very soon. Until then, I’m working on his neck.

She did the tens unit on his back, where she thought he may have shown a very small amount of pain, after looking she said she didn’t think it was anything but worth putting them on just in case there was some slight sensitivity, maybe even from his bad saddle fit months ago, and she placed them on his neck as well. He  loved this and yawned the entire time with his head down low. He’s not a personable horse on the ground with anyone but me and a few other people, and he was all over her, he definitely enjoyed the process.

Abscess gunk 😛

When I came back to feed, he was 99.9% sound. Honestly very close to perfect unless he took a weird step or something, there is a tiny bit of swelling left but it had even gone down since I had been up like an hour before. If he still has any swelling left tomorrow I’ll go ahead and cold hose again just to get it down quicker. She said she doesn’t expect any issues at all after this. So happy that it wasn’t anything major and it was just a big, slow abscess.


5 thoughts on “RELIEF.”

    1. His personality changed completely after it. Went from pretty dull and just easily annoyed to super perky and happy! She said it’s probably being brewing for awhile, too. I feel so bad for him having to deal with that!


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