Houston, We Have A Problem.

Let’s see, bit of a recap since I haven’t updated on Red’s mystery lameness. 2 weeks later, he seemed to be on the mend, healing pretty well, walking very good, just a tiny bit stiff on super hard ground. One day, he was completely sound, next day he was good, so I rode him for about 5 minutes at the walk in our S hack just to see how he felt. He started his head shaking at the end, his typical “I’m annoyed or hurting please stop” so I dismounted. Two days later, he’s lame again. Not as bad as he was the first day, but lame. I freak out a bit, cold hose, come up again the next day and it’s swollen and a tiny bit warm. Now, as weird as this sounds, it comforted me knowing that the farrier was right and it was definitely this leg, still looked like a pulled muscle. He lets me press down on it and doesn’t seem upset by that, and while he was pretty lame and seemed miserable when walking (so he just didn’t walk at all) earlier that day, by evening, after one short cold hose, he was MUCH peppier and walked around with me. I did some hand walking and was very impressed with how he was walking, definitely not like he was swollen, he looked pretty darn good. We cold hosed again for 15 minutes after I did about 10 minutes of hand walking and I’m going to go up there in about 15 minutes to go repeat that.

I called my chiro immediately, and she’ll be out at the barn this evening. She’s extremely smart with lots of experience and specializes in stuff like this so I’m hoping I get a good answer. Some of my friends still think abscess, I’m still leaning for a pulled muscle somewhere. I do feel better knowing how good he was walking last night, I’m hoping and praying that if it was something worse, he would be going downhill, not getting much happier and getting pretty sound again. Either way, we’ll have answers tonight and I’m a nervous wreck so y’all keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

To compare.


Someone was extremely unhappy with his limited turnout area last night, I separated him from the herd because he wanted to run up the hill and yeah..I’d rather him not injure himself even worse. So he got put out in our mostly flat and smaller pasture since stall rest would be really bad for his arthritis.

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