Well, there (probably) goes July.

Turns out Red has pulled something in his front right leg. Farrier (who is extremely experienced and amazing, probably better than most vets, lol.) figured this out pretty quickly, and after touching bases with my vet, we all agreed to cold hosing every day, doing some hand walking and keeping Red out of work for a couple weeks until he’s good. If he’s still gimpy next week, I’ll be having my chiro out sooner rather than later. (I’m planning on having her out either this month or next for him, scheduling conflict, but Red is 14 now, and I think he’d benefit greatly from it.) Everyone agrees that it doesn’t seem to be bad at all, he’s nearly 100% sound on grass, still pretty stiff and gimpy on hard ground, but still no heat or swelling and it doesn’t seem to be effecting his daily life at all.

I did have a big scare last night; he spent the evening with the herd in our new pasture, we’ve  been turning them out daily for a few hours until there is less grass. It was hot, and he didn’t get hosed down like normal, and apparently he was extremely tired and hot. He ate almost all of his grain but left a few pieces which isn’t normal, and he kept pawing. I made him walk out, and he just laid down. I kept him from rolling, started walking him, and he finally began passing gas and acting more like himself. This morning, he seems totally normal, good stomach noises, good poop, all that. I’m keeping a close eye on him today and being a bit more careful with this heat and the pasture.

Living the spoiled life; getting a shower every day, having some time off from work.

My riding time on Red seems to be pretty much gone for this month. Even if he was cleared to ride by next weekend, I’m obviously not going to push him into doing a ton of training or hard work for another couple of weeks or however long he needs. It sucks to lose time in the summer, knowing winter and snow and mud is coming up soon, but at least it happened in one of our hottest months. I really don’t feel like riding much in 100 degree weather, nor does he, anyways.

The farrier did say his feet look perfect, very impressed with his work! Like I said, chiro will be scheduled to come out very, very soon. I’m going to have her do a full work-up, anything she thinks is necessary, and start having her out as often as I think Red needs it. At fourteen, he deserves it and I think it would do him a lot of good. He’s already got some arthritis and struggles a bit with that, plus he’s a big boy and I know his muscles have to be a bit out of whack. I’m eager to see if she can find anything going on that we can fix and that would make a difference in our riding.


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