So Lame. So Lame.

I’ve ridden Red twice since I last posted, and he was very off during both rides. Looking back now, I have an answer why, because it appears that my lovely horse decided to have his first abscess ever this week. I went out the day after I rode last and he was lame. Like, pretty darn lame. He was still out and about with the herd, no heat or swelling, seemed to be in his usual spirits, was overly interested with the dog and decided that hugging me would make treats magically appear in my pocket. So when he tried to walk and he was head-bobbing lame, my exact words were “Oh noooo.” Cue the cries of “MY HORSE IS BROKEN!!” I tried to refrain from freaking, instead I was mature and responsible (on the outside, I was freaking on the inside) and realized that we went a new route on the ride just the other day and went over gravel and his toes are a bit long from being overdue and probably a little weaker, so I assumed stone bruise. He’s a wimp and likes to be overly whiney with any sort of injury so him going pretty lame over something small is actually pretty common. I stretched his legs out, I knew it was a hind, and he didn’t care a bit. I checked on him that morning after, he was about the same, still no swelling or heat or anything like that, and he was actually walking around more. I sent a video to the vet and my trainer and was like..yo, opinions? Both said they thought abscess by the way he was walking and how the lameness was presenting itself. I gave it another day and he continued improving, he’s now about 99.8% sound unless he steps on something hard. My farrier comes out tomorrow to tell me whether or not it was an abscess but everything points to that.

Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much riding and have literally nothing to report, so I decided to do a bit of a photo spam from yesterday (First day that Red was sound again, he decided to be a jerk and run and buck, thanks bro #dontinjureyourselfplease) and do the fun questions for July brought to us by Viva Carlos!

1. Do you actually always pick the horse’s feet? Always? Really?  I check them every day, sometimes they don’t get picked, most of the time they do.

Starting to ride this lovely mareface full-time once the heat is a little more bearable! So expect some fun chestnut mare posts. She’s become ours now.
  1. What is the biggest obstacle/reason preventing you from becoming a professional or competing full time with ease? I have no time nor do I have the money. With everything that is constantly happening in my life, plus college, I’m struggling to find the time to ride, let alone compete. Hopefully one day.
  1. Do you think it will ever not be about the money? No. There will always be someone out there who has more money than you, therefore has a nicer horse, a nicer barn, the ability to show more and train more. This kind of keeps us from moving past the money thing.
  1. Was there ever a horse that you loved and really wanted to have a connection with, but it just never panned out? Details. Zippy, the grey gelding that we brought in and ended up putting my mother into the hospital. He was, and still is, a gorgeous little guy, and I think he has so much potential. But alas, he needed to be ridden hard 5-6 days a week and needed a job, and I wasn’t able to give him that consistently nor was I experienced enough for such a crazy mount.

  1. What is one weakness in your riding that even your trainer doesn’t pick up on, only you? I’m 99% sure she has me figured out completely, but I’d say no one really gets my fears entirely. I’m an extremely nervous and anxious person period, on horses, it either goes away completely or it nearly breaks me. I’m working on this.
  1. What is the biggest doubt/insecurity you ask or tell yourself in your head? I’ll never be able to ride my horse without that fear mentioned above, I’ll never be capable of being the rider I know I can be because of the fears holding me back.

7. There is a barn fire. You are the first person to discover it and see that the roof is collapsing in slowly, and you can tell that it’s going to come down any time. Do you call people first, or head in straight to save the horses? Cell phones are a great inventions and I always have mine with me. Assuming I do, I’d run in and call people at the same time. If that isn’t an option, I’d run in and get the horses immediately.

  1. What is one event in your riding career/horse/anything that you’re still not over, even though you might tell others you are? Red’s big bucking incident. It made the majority of my fears plant themselves in my head and I’ve just continued watering them and allowing them to grow. I’ve said it wasn’t a big deal, but it was. Even though I handled it well, and I always handle the spooks and bucks well in the moment, and I’ll even laugh during it, when I dismount, that fear is there.
  1. If you could tell off one person you just don’t like, what would you say? I hope people realize what a terrible excuse for a trainer you are and that people see how abusive you are, and how spoiled you are. (note: not my trainer, LOL)

10. Have you ever seen questionable riding or training practices, but let it go/ignored it? How do you feel about it in hindsight? I’ve honestly never seen something abusive and not said something or done something about it. I may not go straight to the person involved, but I will tell others and try to help the people or horses that the person is training best I can.

Here’s hoping for my horse to stay sound and for more riding time. I’m going to give him the rest of this week off and maybe start riding again on the weekend…that’s a big if, probably more like next week. I’ve got a mare to be ridden, too!


6 thoughts on “So Lame. So Lame.”

  1. I can completly relate to number 5 on this list as I do love horses and riding them, but as a naturally anxious person it can be hard to think that the animal that I’m sitting on could very easily kill me. But I love horses and want to make it work, so I’m working on that as well.


  2. I can relate to your number 5 question. I love horses and riding them, but as a naturally anxious person I get worried thinking about that I’m on a animal that’s way bigger than me and can kill me at any time. But I love horses and want to make it work so I’m trying to get over that.


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