Happy Birthday, Red.

I’m a terrible horse owner, so I didn’t buy any treats or bake him a horse friendly cake like seems to be the norm nowadays, but I did something better, according to him, and took him out in the hayfield (the pasture we’re in the process of fencing in.) where the grass is rich and high, and let him graze til his heart was content last night when it cooled off. I put him on the lunge line so he could wander around a bit further from me since it isn’t fenced yet. At some points, he decided he wanted to run around, and I let him venture around the field while I took photos.

All of the photos feature grass hanging out of his mouth or…faces like this,

But I love them. They’re Red. And it’s been awhile since I posted any of my photography, although I’ve definitely been taking plenty of photos in the last three weeks.

If you’re not a fan of sappy posts (why are you in the horse world? Pretty sure we’re all more sappy about their birthdays than our own.) then I would urge you to run away from this before you vomit from the ridiculous amount of…sap.

This horse has driven me insane some weeks. I’ve contemplated leasing him out before, even selling him, although that thought only stuck around for two days before I realized that I could never stand to see him loaded in a trailer and driven away from me. And in the past week, I’ve realized that I couldn’t stand seeing another person on him, achieving things with him that I could have, but was too afraid to do. He has challenged me, turned me into a better rider. He’s made me laugh. He’s made me cry. (good tears and bad tears, because let’s face it…horses make us feel things that we don’t even understand half the time. This is the most mental sport I’ve ever been a part of.) But the thing that has mattered the most to me, is he’s made me feel loved. This horse was the best thing that could’ve happened to my little teenage girl self. On days when I’ve felt worthless, one trip to the barn made me feel relieved of that, even if for a few hours at the most. You see, when you feel alone, abandoned by friends, ignored by family, whatever, and you come to the barn and you see this amazing, huge, powerful creature get excited to see you – see them gallop up to you, and you know it’s not about feed because they come right to you, with no desire to go to their stall. I’ve had times when I’ve gone up to feed, I’ve been overwhelmed and depressed, and Red has completely ignored his feed while I sat with him. The day Shalom died. After my mother’s accident on Zippy when she was in the ICU. These horses can sense things, I swear it.

There’s no love like the one of a horse and it’s person. It’s something that is so different than any relationship with animals I’ve had. It takes awhile sometimes to find that right horse, to find the horse that you can have some sort of bond with, but when you do..it’s magical. Maybe it’s not always like we see in movies. My bond with Red (wow, that does sound cheesy.) doesn’t give me the power to hop on him tackless in a field and gallop. We aren’t Flicka. My bond with Red gives me the power to push through my problems because I know I have something around that is so worth it. Worth pushing past my fears, my issues.

Some days,  I wish I could freeze time. Let’s just not have anymore birthdays. Red is still a young horse, in his prime, according to most people. Horses jump grand prix when they’re older than him, but still, I wish I could freeze him.

All of the horses, past, present and future, could never outdo Red. Could never even think about replacing him, or being so insanely special. I’ve been around so many horses. I’ve owned several. I’ve rescued several. Ones with better training, ones who are flashier, ones with sad backgrounds that tug at everyone’s heartstrings, but I’ve never met a horse like Red. Since day one, I knew this horse had to be mine. Call it the life of a horse crazy girl, seeing a horse, meeting it and spending one day with it then not being able to get him off of your mind, but I’ve never had that happen ever again, and I’m still just as horse crazy.

I’ve spent almost four years with this horse, and I hope I get at least 20 more.

I can’t wait to see where we’re at on his next birthday.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Red.”

  1. Happy Birthday Red!!! And I feel how special that love is between horse and person with my horse. When I feel lonely, sad or whatever I go spend 10 minutes with him and I feel SO much better! ❤ When I got a horse someone asked me if I loved them as much as I did before, since I had been working around them and cleaning up after them and I told them I loved then more! : ) Can't wait to see what you and Red accomplish in this next year. : D


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