My Body is Dead.

Spoiler alert – my horse has been hot lately. Like, galloping, bucking, rearing, snorting in the pasture every. single. evening. All of the horses have (they are psychos) and they kind of go into these moods every so often, because spring. So letting Red have four days off of work and then hopping on for a long trail ride with new horses and expecting calmness was probably stupid.

zoom zoom zoom.

To put his energy into perspective…Stormie is a fast mare. Her stride is huge, she can go. and go. and go. Red and her like having “races” around this pasture. I’m convinced they are doing it competitively because they literally get super close and they try their hardest to get to the gate before. Then they go another lap, same thing. (also, I like personalizing my horses.) Red has never beaten Stormie before. He’s a fast horse, but he’s true to his Quarter Horse breed and is good at short bursts of speed then tuckers out easily. But he’s also in really good shape right now, so maybe that’s why he was able to book it. He went around this field which is a few acres next to Stormie at least 5 times, and beat her to the top every time. And Stormie was trying. She got in the lead every now and then, but Red would have a burst of speed and soar past her. It was cool to watch him play and pause to buck and rear up, but I was also kind of thinking “lol lol don’t ever do this when I’m on you k thnx”

That was the day before our ride. I had actually planned to ride inbetween church services and my mother wanted to ride, too. Then, I was surprised to hear that the people from our old barn were coming. Only two of them came, A and AM, A on her Appaloosa, AM on her OTTB. It was fun, and Red was excited to see OTTB mare again because he was in love with her last time. But holy cow, my horse was hot. Let me be clear, so y’all don’t think he turned evil – he was well behaved, all things considered. I didn’t have super great breaks, but he never really bolted with me although there were a few close calls and I had to slam the breaks majorly. I was thankful to be in the bosal which has more breaks than the S hack. We rode up and down the neighborhood and I let him speed up the hills, then we went up to the apple orchard where he tried bolting (like, galloping, bolting for real.) but I was able to slow him to a jig. I’m cool with cantering, bro, just don’t do it until I ask k thank youu. He jigged for the entire ride. After over an hour of riding, the others went to another trail (one that Red is notorious for bolting through) and I opted out and took him to the arena to let him burn off steam safely. I knew if we went down there, he’d be spooky and I would lose my control altogether.

So, call me a chicken, but off to the arena we went. I’d been riding for an hour longer than them, so two hours of controlling the beast and lots of posting, my knees were killing me. I dismounted, walked him to the arena so I could stretch out and sat down for a few minutes. Knees calmed down, I mounted up and I asked him for a trot. Normally, he doesn’t want to make a whole lap in the arena. This time, without any kind of nudging him forward from me, he trotted (like, extended trot, serious moving) the entire arena five times. After this, he moved to a jog and was like “okay done” and I pushed him forward and asked for a nice trot. He gave.

Reins are tight, he was wanting to break out of the trot and avoid the pole, I released after this and he kept his body in this type of position.

I rode for another 30 minutes or so. Mostly trot work, some canter, he chilled out eventually and I dismounted on a good note. He was sweaty and hot, so I hosed him off and he was loving it. I let him graze while everyone else got untacked.

Let me tell you…riding for three hours mostly at the trot and posting like crazy when you’re used to 30-40 minute rides..geeze. My poor body.

I’m torn between giving him today off for working so hard or doing a light ride to see how he is today. Hmm. Farrier comes out on the 27th and I can’t wait, his feet need it!




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