Achievement Unlocked!

I’ve ridden three times this week, all three rides were good, nothing special but good. I’ve been working on Red’s laziness – normally to get him to trot, I’d have to give a nudge, sometimes he listens that second, sometimes I have to nudge, then nudge again, then kick because he’s like “meh or not” and he’s been doing good. I’ve even done some rollbacks and a small amount of canter work and he’s doing good. But, the biggest thing this week was a new move he learned..

I’ve been doing some work with sidepassing lately, haven’t posted about it because, well, it hasn’t gone anywhere. He struggles with it, he’s not the most graceful creature. But I decided to keep working on it this week and just try…and MY HORSE SIDEPASSED. Granted, it was only a couple steps, but he actually did really well. Used his shoulders and hindquarters very well. I asked for it three times, each time got better. This was after a 40 minute ride, so I dismounted pretty quickly and praised like crazy. And he’s been doing it ever since, and he’s getting better at it. So, I have a terrible video on Instagram..



To say I was excited is an understatement. I know it’s a tiny deal, but it’s cool knowing I’ve taught him all of this stuff, ya know?

Better recaps to come later.

My mother did a thing and brought home a load of tack the other day. I ended up with this pad in our colors and a tripping collar. WOOT.

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