Oh hey, we’re alive.

So. I posted something about a week ago and WordPress ate the entire post as soon as I published it, which was annoying. They were both riding recaps – in a nutshell, one ride was terrible. I tried a new hack on him, he hated it, by the time I switched back to my normal hack he was just done and in a mood. The next ride was much better. Still had some balking moments at the gate like usual and he kept trying to turn to leave the arena, but I kept doing circles and eventually he got out of that. I had two goals for that ride, and since we had such a bad ride the day before I wanted to accomplish those goals then quit on a good note.

  1. Work on the balking and be a better rider, AKA, don’t let him get away with it. I did this, and was proud, lolol.
  2. Get him to trot two whole laps in the arena with no balking or being stubborn. Here’s the deal. I created this problem myself because when he was a chubs, I didn’t ask for him to do an entire lap, only part of it. So he got used to not doing the whole lap and sucks at it. Now, if another horse is doing it…he’ll follow. He’ll also trot on the roads and through the trails all day every day and in the pasture. He’s a speed demon in pastures and trails, actually. But he’s fit now, so he can do it without being lazy and a jerk. We accomplished this as well, it wasn’t the prettiest trot but it was functional and we got things done.

In these screenshots from that ride, you’ll notice my leg is all over the place. I’m going to pretend it’s because I had to use a lot of leg to keep him going (and really, leg was needed. A lot.) but really there’s no excuse for my heels to be so awful and now I’m putting myself back in EQ boot camp.

So ignore me, enjoy him.


In the middle of posting and that’s my only excuse for awkward butt placement
At this point my legs are sobbing in agony andmy horse is happy like “Lol DIE LEGS DIEEE”

At the end of the ride he had realized he HAD to do some trot work without balking and the second lap was much easier. Here’s the only screenshot from that lap, because my phone fell off of the panel as we passed by thanks to Stormie who enjoys tormenting me by shaking the panels.

Why can’t I ride like this all the time?? The world may never know.

I’m happy with his neck and topline and the improvement I’m seeing there. Amen.

Then mom and I went on a ride on the roads after this. I wanted to get his butt out of the arena and do different stuff because he is BORED. So we did. He was great, a bit lazy until we passed his favorite house (with the ducks, he always gets sad if he passes them too quickly.) but then he was like OKAY I’VE SEEN MY DUCKS LETS GOOOOOO. So we did a bit of hill work, I asked for a jog on the hills, thankful we have big grassy areas next to the road to do that on. His jog was great, he’s always like 10 times more comfortable on trails for some reason, I swear he collects better? But he moseyed along happily. A neighbor who apparently also has a horse was outside and the horse whinnied at us for the first time and Red decided stopping completely for like 25 seconds was the only option, but he wasn’t rude about it so I let him check it out.

He wore a bonnet because the bugs are attacking his poor wittle ears now šŸ˜¦

So we passed the pony and kept on. We turned back around after about 15 more minutes, Stormie and him were both obviously really up going back home but not bad. I let him trot a bit more and he was more willing, rofl. Worked up a nice sweat. šŸ™‚

Pony love. Stormie’s marks are pink swat for the flies, mom likes getting creative.

We took our UTV trail that goes past our bottom pasture and to our house. Last time we rode on it he wanted to bolt through the whole thing, but it’s a lot clearer and safer now that we’ve driven the UTV on it so much. He passed the farm gate without an issue which I was surprised over. He went in the trail, definitely had a happy jig in his step (he LOVES trails and going new places.) but very controllable this time. Then, he saw a person in one of the bigger lots that are past the trail and Stormie FREAKED therefor he freaked. He was a lot better, spooky and a little weirded out (then again so were we, get off of our property lol?) and when I asked him to walk past he would sidestep as far away as possible and then wanted to run off. Stormie was jumping everywhere. Literally jumping. To the side, forward, everywhere. Once she was settled down or so we thought, she spooked at logs. Like,majorly. Stormie is a really reliable horse but once she gets spooked she stays wired, definitely has some spirit lol. We turned around and let her go towards home, Red had to lead because she was still super freaked and I knew she’d be more comfortable behind him. Both of them were well behaved going home, but Stormie stayed pretty spooky the rest of the day.

Red watches as she spooks and says “u stoopid stormie”

Then he had a bit of a break from riding because it has been HOT and he still hasn’t’ shed out completely, andddd…we brought in a new horse for my sister. Details on that later possibly, I feel weird about posting a horse that isn’t mine. But I tacked him up last night around sunset when it was cool and rode him in the front pasture…also where I have been bucked, bolted and crow hopped. The place i fell off bareback. AKA the place that makes me nervous. The new mare was in the arena and they haven’t met yet, so I wanted to keep him away from her so his mind was on me. Despite the bugs being terrible and the horses freaking because they wanted to see Gracie (new horse) and she kept whinnying out at us, he was good. VERY fresh and wanted to go go go, so I did something I very rarely do and kept it at the walk. I call this pasture “the bucking pasture” and just wanted a calm ride. We rode around the entire pasture, just chilled out, I propped my phone up for some video which mostly sucked because…well, walk work. But I did get some good screenshots to show how hunky he’s getting. I’ve never been one to brag about a horse’s walk because it seems such of a tiny thing, but I have to say his walk is getting really nice. He’s using his head and neck really well and I enjoy it.

Unsure of what my hands are doing, fairly sure this was when Gracie whinnied the first time and I was fixing my reins to make sure if he decided to go running I would have enough rein, lol. But he looks hunky.

In my opinion, his whole body looks amazing right now but I am seeing SUCH a big difference in his neck and shoulder/chest area. He’s hard as a rock around that area. I still want to work on his booty a little. We need to do more trot poles and backing I think.

Also…I captured this lovely screenshot down below and my mom say it and said, “I swear you’d think your horse is ginormous. You’re such a midget.” And uh…yeah. I posted it on my Instagram and told people to guess his height without knowing my height or his and everyone thought he was massive…short people problems. #myhorseisonly14.2


ground mounting is a STRUGGLE.

It stormed last night so probably no riding today. I’d like to have one more ride on the road or around our trails before having an arena ride just so he gets another break from it. We shall see!


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