I rode yesterday, managed to squeeze a short one in. I wanted to ride longer, but I was alone and my phone was dying and didn’t want to be riding alone without a way to call for help on the off chance that something happened. I did get a second to prop my phone up and amazingly it lasted long enough to video some. I rode for about 25 minutes, Red was extremely distracted because Stormie and Double Scotch were out being hooligans in the pasture right next to us and he is ridiculously bonded with the pony and loves him a little too much. But I feel like I rode well and we did get some good moments in despite him being a little jerk occasionally. Right now, I’m extremely happy with his trot 80% of the time, and my main goal is to teach him to stay in the gait consistently for multiple laps around the arena. He’ll walk it without wanting to turn, but at the trot and canter he’s like “lol nope” and wants to turn at random places. Yesterday, he was awful with wanting to turn and break the gait but I rode it better than I have before and so we actually did get in some nice laps.

He did have a few seconds of trotting and I felt him actually put his nose in a bit and could see his head rounding a bit more – not BTV at all but actually beginning to stop shoving his nose out the entire time, so that was nice and I’m hoping to continue seeing that throughout our next rides and getting him to do it more often and for longer periods of time.

I worked on myself a lot during this ride, in the minutes where he was behaving well enough for me to focus less on him. My sitting trot…yeah, lots of room for improvement. My leg is a lot quieter than it used to be but my upper body is still way too bouncy. I need some abs, rofl. My posting has improved a ton, it was tough at first getting used to posting in my new saddle since it has a higher back and a stickier seat (a bit harder to get up and off of.) as opposed to my roper that was larger and a leather seat, I seemed to have been able to get off of it easier at first but now I don’t have any issues. Still need to work on my hands, but I’m seeing some improvement there, too.

As for Red, instead of asking for the stretchy and low neck the other day, I wanted to see how he would feel and look if I kept his head a bit higher and if he would still round himself up and collect well. He definitely loves his stretchy trot moments and whenever I loosened up on my reins and pushed him forward the head would drop if I didn’t watch it, but I think he looked pretty good yesterday with a more “typical” headset. As long as his head is below my pommel I’m happy, and I’m kind of in love with his neck in this:

dat tail though.

I want to work a bit on extension and see what kind of extended trot I can unlock with some practice. I’d like to see more extension when I ask for it and I know he can do it, just gotta figure out how to ask him for it and keep him in it. 🙂

“we’re seriously not riding again right?”

If I have time this evening I’d like to ride again, but the next three days are going to be crazy busy with lots of appointments scheduled and revival at my church. And then well be out of town sometime in May for a week (vacation, but I’m dreading it because I’d rather be at home riding, LOL.) but I’ve been trying my best to keep Red ridden 4-5 days a week and we’re doing well with that.


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    1. Thanks!! They’re Ariats, not sure on the exact boot. I got them at a little store that sells products that were messed up. They had a couple flaws so I got them super cheap!


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