Where Did This Come From?

I’m a horse blogging failure. My blog posts are horrible and terribly written and I’ve pretty much driven myself into a bucket of no inspiration for this blog for some reason and then read everyone else’s blogs and want to do better, but I think having one serious blog drains me and I have no time for another, so apologies for the weird updates and terrible writing.

Anywho, I’ve ridden a couple times this week. I tacked Red up the other day, and took him to the hay field again and he was FRESH. Like, holy energy, batman. No clue where this came from, I chalked it up to him getting fitter and not being ridden much (like twice compared to his new schedule of 4-5 rides a week) the week before. He wanted to canter up the hill, which, I would’ve been cool with if the ground was more even and I could see better, but the grass is way too high for me to see much and I really didn’t want him to trip. He kept pushing into a trot and was just…not necessarily bad, but very eager to go. So I made him walk to the arena and made him work it out. Once he’s in the arena he knows he’s in for work and normally chills some, he was very forward and ready to move but was listening better. No good media, sadly, but we did get some nice trot in and I even added a single trot pole to the mix! Gotta get more later, this one is a bit wider than I’d like but better than nothing. He was unsure at first when walking over it but at the end of the ride he was willing to trot over, even if it wasn’t pretty. My little brother and niece (who’s in our custody) rode with me for a few minutes once he was relaxed. We put one behind me and rode around then switched. Red, of course, was perfect for this and went as slow as possible for them.

We rode the day after, my mom and I took Stormie and Red up the road and Stormie is in raging heat, so that was fun πŸ˜‰ Both were very very lazy, I think they were upset about leaving the other horses and wanted the hay that was thrown out already. But they were good, just very dull to our cues.

We tacked up again on Saturday, this time A and Mouse joined us on the road. Red was in much different spirits, so I’m chalking his laziness the other day to being buddy sour. The pony was freaking out over being left and A’s husband watched him for us while we went out. Since Red had his energy back and was willing to lead, I let him trot ahead. He trotted nearly the entire ride with a couple breaks simply because I’m out of shape, lol. And it was a nice trot, too. Normally, he wants to keep his head a bit higher on the trails and his trot is a bit hollow, but he was wonderful. Head low, his nose actually went in a bit and it was a very nice ride, he felt very round and collected. We did a ton of hill work, the roads are super hilly and there is a lot of grassy areas that we can ride in, so it was good for him. I made him trot up all of the hills andΒ  he was eager to go.

Up that road to the right is an apple orchard, and Red always wants to go up there, lol.

Once again, no good media because I left my phone at the barn, and mom isn’t exactly a great photographer πŸ˜‰

We stopped a few times to let A and mom catch up, and just as he was willing to go, he was willing to be slow and stop for me when I asked, so very pleased with him. When we rode home, I let him trot more and he was sweaty but not super tired and never even took many hard breaths, slowly but surely he’s getting into good shape. πŸ˜› I wanted to ride yesterday but we had plans and were out almost all day for Easter, so I’m hoping to get a ride in today weather permitting. Shedding season hasΒ  made him look a bit straggly so I’ve spent so much time grooming in the evenings.

I’ve also been wondering about his weight… he’s definitely lost some, but I think it has to do with his work load now. He’s not skinny by any means, but I’m used to him being SUPER chubby so I’m not sure…he acts like he feels GOOD right now, even in the pasture he’s high energy and running around and playing. And since we’re just now getting some grass, I’m hoping he’ll end this awkward stage…I’ll leave some photos and y’all can give me opinions. πŸ˜‰ You can’t see, or feel, his ribs, or any bones for that matter.

In the pasture the other day, running up the hill to come to the barn.

This was him the other day. What do y’all think? Mostly wondering about the butt…am I seeing weight loss or just muscle coming out?



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