Zero Self Control…Whoops!

I’ve ridden twice in the last week. The least I’ve ridden in months, but it’s been freezing and rainy and I’ve had literally no inspiration to ride. Whoops moment #1. I did ride Red for about an hour in the arena – we did some trot work, tried the canter, he was decent but very looky and I stopped pretty quickly because my neighbor galloped up on his insane Arabian mare that he loves to hype up and Red was like OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS UNICORN. He galloped her and let her bolt and freak out right next to my panels and yeah…I just let Red jog around to get his energy out but nothing more than that, don’t wanna get bucked or bolted thanks. My two nephews that have like, never ridden, were over that day so they hopped on Red for a few minutes too. I got some good jog out of him that day and when I removed my new saddle we had perfect sweat marks! Woohoo!



I rode the day after that with my mother, we went up the road and through the area like we usually do. We haven’t done this in awhile + it was hot + Stormie is in raging heat, so they were kind of pokey and stubborn but I did get some decent hill work in and going back home, Red and I jogged almost the whole way. I had a horrible migraine the night before, it came on just after I dismounted, so I took it easy.

Then…completely not horse related but too cute not to post about…I showed how little self control I have. We went to Tractor Supply to look at chainsaw stuff for my step-father and to take a look at some horse things, we passed the ducklings and chicks and my mother decided to get 6 chicks for my older sister, she’d been looking for hens, and I saw the ducklings and had a minor freak out. I’ve had chicks, my family has had geese, and pretty much ever farm animal ever, my mother has had ducks before too but I haven’t, and I kind of couldn’t resist. So I left with two ducklings…named Ronald and Donald. Yes, after Reagan and Trump. I originally started it as a joke, since one of them has a fluffier head and it’s the same color as Trump’s hair and he is very vocal, so OF COURSE that’s Trump right? And Ronald just came naturally, rofl.

I’ve already done like three photoshoots with them, because LOOK HOW CUTE and I have no shame (or life apparently.) and someone told me I should make an Instagram account for them, so I did, and they almost have 100 followers. (@thepresidentialducks)


Donald is the one  yelling. Obviously.

Once they get bigger, I’ll put them in with our mini in his big yard and let them spend part of the day in our front yard when the dogs aren’t out. I already have plans to make them a shelter so they’re safe from hawks and I can put them up so they don’t, ya know, die.

So now I won’t just be covered in horse hair! Now there’s duck poop on me too!


2 thoughts on “Zero Self Control…Whoops!”

  1. OH MY WORD!!! So cute. : ) We have a cow that is a jerk to the other cows and my brother named her Hillary. : P Get it? LOL!


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