We. Have. A. SADDLE.

I’ve only recently talked about my worries over my roping saddle and the fit, but I’ve actually been casually trying to sell it for months. Actually, since like, last Spring, because number 1: It’s so heavy and that kind of sucks, because I’m a small person anyways. I’ve nearly thrown my back and shoulders out so many times lifting that thing up on different horses. Number 2: I was worried about fit, obviously. Number 3: I am a person who wants the best tack I can have. Not necessarily overly greedy with things though, so I can be patient. I like trading things and moving up to better brands or better styles. I hadn’t done that for like two years and I was slowly getting tired of my stuff.

So, in the last two or so weeks I have put it on every site imaginable to sell it and FINALLY got a bite and traded it for another saddle. I’m going to get better photos (to show off because my tack is like my children.) when I get it cleaned up. It’s clean enough but needs some saddle soap and what-not.

(I’d also like to say I’m an idiot and put my girth and latigo on the wrong sides, but in my defense, when I tried it on last night it was dark and I couldn’t see much and apparently I’m just stupid? But it’s fixed now, lol. Had to take photos before because I was losing light very fast and I wasn’t super concerned about it being on the wrong side while I walked him around.)

much darker outside than it looks, I’m thankful for super bright lights in the barn lolol.

Infooo. It’s a Dakota, I had never heard of the brand before but I did research and found a ton of people who loves the brand, and also..they sell for like $700+ USED and I won’t pay anything over like $350 because I have no money and I can find decent stuff cheap 😉 so I was happy. It’s a 7″ gullet, FQHB. I can fit my fingers under it like I’m supposed to, it seems to sit perfectly on him. I’ve gotta admit, we’re getting boring with our brown, plain tack over here but we’re super tacky and our leather doesn’t match. Now I have to find a lighter bridle and a lighter breast collar! I’ll save the two I have for when I use my mother’s saddle for random occasions or when I just want to look different, lol.

I hopped on him last night after I got everything adjusted and we took a little night ride. We haven’t gone to the hayfield or our trails in FOREVER because he’s normally a stinker in them and I haven’t wanted to deal with his ‘tude, but he had been ridden for 4 days in a row and worked out really well (and still has dry sweat on him. Man he needs a bath!) so I wasn’t super worried. He was perfect, we just walked around so I could get used to the saddle and I didn’t want to do any running anyways because it was dark and I couldn’t really see the ground. 😉 But he was so polite and never even tried to sneak a bite of grass. Getting worked a few times a week makes such a ginormous difference in this horse. Even his ground manners and attitude in the pasture is *so* different. He lets me halter him without an issue, he doesn’t do the whole stubborn “I’m not gonna walk” thing, he even let me GROUND TIE HIM yesterday while I tacked up. Normally he would’ve been like lol goodbye peasant.

I like ponies who let me catch them without a problem even when the herd is being stupid.

We just went messed around and explored, but it was really good for me. Nice to break out of the arena and not work, just enjoy a 75 degree night in March. Who wouldn’t?

6 thoughts on “We. Have. A. SADDLE.”

  1. Dakota was on my watch list as they are made on the same tree as Big Horn, which fit Sydney well. If you ever want to upgrade Crates and a few other high end brands are also on the same tree. They all seem to get good reviews. Congrats on the new saddle!


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