*freaks out*

Three things going on.

I rode on Saturday, Red was good, actually got some pretty decent trot work out of him and lots of good backing practice. He decided that it was so much fun to knock the barrels over and nudge them with his nose, then chase them when they rolled. Weirdo. Here’s the deal, though. He lowered his head really nice, and seemed like he was trying to collect and round up, but he was just not extending. I took video and it looked like his saddle is just constricting his movement majorly, if that makes sense. I looked at it again the other day and even with the different pad, it still seems too narrow. I trotted him bareback later and it was way better. I measured the gullet size, and it’s barely a 6″. Semi Quarter Horse bars. I’m guessing that he needs like an 8″. My mom’s saddle is a 7″ so I’ll be using it until I can sell mine and buy something else. I may even try an 8″. My saddle, beloved as it is, is too small for my horse.

And BTW, saddle selling SUCKS.

I was coming down (posting) in this and I don’t even know what my back is doing?

I’ve been worried about my saddle fit every since I started riding him 3-4 times a week and he’s gained muscle through his topline and shoulders. I keep trying to put it off because I love my saddle, but it’s just not working and now I’m worried that maybe, the saddle fit has been causing our issues that we’ve been having.

So, thing number 2 is I’ve been trying to trade or sell my saddle. It’s $300, I won’t go down on price. Saddles are not selling here, but I can get a nice one (even saw a couple Billy Cook’s and Circle Y’s for $400 the other day) for very cheap, under $450. I’m pricing it to sell quickly, because using my mom’s saddle can’t be a long term thing. And I hate riding in it because it has a high back and it irritates me, and we can’t ride together if I use it unless one of us goes bareback, anddd she’s taller so we’d have to constantly adjust stirrups. I did look at some photos and video of Red in that saddle and his movement was much better and more relaxed. That said, I felt all along his back and withers today and followed some instructional videos and couldn’t see a sign of any soreness. But, he’s very tolerant with things like that and doesn’t really like showing pain, and he will not pin ears or nip towards anyone so finding his pain and seeing the signs is difficult.

And number 3 which is my big news, I’m hauling Red out to my trainer’s barn tomorrow at 2. This is the first time I’ve been able to take Red to a real trainer that I love and respect majorly, and first time I’ve ever hauled him anywhere to ride in general and I am pumped. It can’t be something that happens often because I can’t afford it, but I’m thinking I’ll be able to do it every couple months, which is more than enough. And I’m still going to have a friend of mine who isn’t a trainer but is very experienced to come out and help me some for a cheaper price. I am extremelyyyy nervous about riding Red in front of her and seeing how he does, because I’ve done everything with this horse by myself, and I know there are things wrong and I’m nervous to see what those things are. I’m more critical over Red and myself than myself and any other horses, because everything Red does, I’ve basically taught him. I’m also really excited to see how she rides him, and to see if she can make him get along better. She’s an incredible rider and Red is a good, welltrained horse, and I can’t wait to see how they look together. I’m hoping Red does his best for her, because if I see him working good for her, I’ll know it’s possible for us.

I’m nervous. Nervous about cantering. Nervous to see what she thinks. Nervous to hear what she says. But I am so excited about the thought of this and finally, finally getting to have the chance to haul him to a barn for a lesson.

Fingers crossed.

I’m going to go up around 12 to the barn, get him cleaned up, help my neighbor get her trailer ready, get everything in there, so we can head out on time. EEEP.


4 thoughts on “*freaks out*”

  1. I got pretty lucky and scored my Crates for $400 off of craigslist and I love it. I hope you are able to find the same! And I bet you and Red will have a wonderful time at the trainer’s.


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