First things first..Jubilee left yesterday evening. We finally got a day planned out, and I spent almost the whole day with her, getting her cleaned up and her stuff packed away (the people who got her have rescued several senior horses, so we gave them extra senior feed and our weight boosters since we have no need for them and they do!) and..ya know, crying. It was tough, but having her go to such wonderful people was a relief. I can’t even describe how amazing these people are. They’ve kept me updated and talked to me all day today, and they said we could come visit anytime. She’s already very, very cherished by them and is settling in great. She is such a trooper. Got right in the trailer without any trouble and she did wonderful. I’ll miss her so much, but I’m relieved that I can still see her. It felt more like “See you later” than a goodbye. And now, Double Scotch, my nephew’s pony that we got a few weeks ago, is up at the farm. He’s separated from the other horses but they can hang out by the fence. We’ll let Red out with him maybe tomorrow, and ease him into the herd. So far so good. My nephew wants to ride today, so I’ll tack Red up as well and let them ride together and get used to each other.

I did tack up yesterday after our not so great ride the day before. I started thinking more about when his issues started back up, and it all began when I switched saddles. So, I tried a few different pads, and ended up using my pad with the removable shims, adjusted it some, and popped the old roping saddle back on. The pad and saddle fit pretty well together and it didn’t look like it would squeeze him, so I hopped on to see how he would act, and he was like a different horse. Immediately lowered his head and was happy to walk around and didn’t fight me at all. Backed up really well,  we worked on circles (he’s a bit stiff circling to the left, so we worked on that.) and then I did some trot work, and he was great. He kept his head nice and low for 99% of the ride. Much much much better than the last ride.

My eq was all out of wack tho.
seriously Kalin what is that EQ.

Really happy to see that he is slowly starting to lower his head on his own now. We’re not perfect by any means but he seems like he feels better and can do what I ask a lot easier. And the photos make him look so out of shape for some reason. 😛 I’m ready for summer coats.

I rode for about 30 minutes, he didn’t sweat a lot but it was almost 70 degrees so he had a bit under his pad, and his sweat marks were even…so, we shall see. I hopped off and ended on a good note, he did join up after and was in a much better mood than he was the other day. Maybe we were both PMS’ing…

In other news….here’s what Red thinks about having another gelding around.


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