When NOT To Ride.

The rain has finally stopped for a few days! The ground in the round pen was still way too muddy and sloppy, so I figured he’d be fine in the pasture. I got on, and was almost immediately frustrated with my horse. I’ve always known that when I’m in a bad mood, I don’t need to ride. I was PMSing, and I swear Red senses these things and purposely tries to be a jerk. 😉 All in all, the ride wasn’t bad, per say. He wasn’t being crazy. No bucking or bolting or anything like that, but he refused to do what I asked. Completely blew me off. I asked for a nice jog, he refused. I asked him to stop trying to walk to the barn, he refused. So we ended up doing a lot of circles and backing. He blew off those cues a lot as well. My mother did hop on him for the first time in…a year? And she said she had completely forgotten how different he is than most horses. I’m not sure what makes him that different..he’s a very bumpy ride, even at the walk. Not necessarily uncomfortable once you’re used to it, but he’s a very strong horse in every sense of the word. And he obeyed her perfectly.

Figures. 😉

I posted something online to vent about it and ask for some advice, and everyone told me to consider selling him. And last night, I totally considered it. If I can’t get a hold on these problems we have, what am I going to do? He has moments where he is just amazing. And he is safe. Even when he bucks. He has the potential to be incredible, and I’ve never doubted him, only me. I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have an easy horse, a push-button pony, instead of Red with his problems and his stubborness. But at the end of the day, I think I would lose my mind without him.


Also, I dyed my hair brunette because why not

I still love riding him. I’d rather ride him than any of our other horses. We just have a ways to go, still.

I keep thinking, he hadn’t been ridden in over two weeks. He was also very eager for hay, very barn sour. These things are nothing I haven’t dealt with before and overcome. He needs a job, he needs to work towards something. He needs to be worked more.

So, I scheduled something with a friend of mine who has ridden all of her life. Not a trainer, but a really good rider that I trust. She’s come out to work with us once before and it helped me so much. So, I’m going to have her out again once or twice a month, and either take less lessons to be able to afford it, or take a break so I can have someone else come out to Red more for a few months until we get over this hump. I realized that I need someone to help me with my horse, because that’s where my problems are.

And there’s no way in this world that I’m quitting on this horse.

I’ve considered some things.

I stopped using my roping saddle because the fit seemed a bit snug, but he also seemed to be more fidgety after I stopped using it and switched to another saddle. His sweat marks were even in both. The one I’m using now is definitely a bit wider and he has more room. Yet he isn’t going as well in it. So I’m torn. I obviously don’t want to use a saddle that’s too small, but I’m confused as to why he goes better in it than the others. I’ve considered popping it back on for a small ride to check things again, maybe try a different pad. His problems aren’t pain related, I’ve had him checked. I may be riding again today to see if we can have a better ride, so we shall see. I read a blog post by another blogger about how different her horse is in certain pads and saddles, so I’ll do some trial and error.

I’m also going to do different stuff with him. I’m sure he gets bored with our day to day. I get bored with it. So we’ll come up with some stuff. If I had stirrup leathers, I’d probably hop on him english. Maybe I’ll order some and do something different. 🙂


1 thought on “When NOT To Ride.”

  1. English is so fun to ride in! It feels like you’re riding bareback. One of our horses can get like that too… just won’t listen.


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