WE CANTERED! Then he tried to murder me.


So. Long story short, I tacked Red up today, walked and jogged him around for awhile, let him trot up the hills a few times to warm up and tire him out a little, and I think to myself, man, he’s being perfect! Let’s canter! It’s 60+ degrees, beautiful day, why not?

I asked him for the canter the first time, and he went right into it, very nice walk to canter transition, a bit rough at first but once I got my seat settled it was good. He transitioned back to a nice trot as soon as I asked him, and I praised the poop out of this horse. Gave him a treat out of my pocket, pet him, gave him lots of “good boys!” you’d think he just won the olympics.

I told my mom, okay, I’m going to ask for it one more time and call it a day and go easy now. So I trotted him down the hill again, he’s acting good, albeit a bit excited to go again. And he crowhopped. And I slowed him back down, he trotted back up the hill, was okay. I made him circle a few times and let him no that WASN’T okay, but I thought hey no big deal, he’s probably just finding his feet again and excited.

the calm before the storm.

And I got to the driveway again, he was actually calmer than the time before, so I let him jog, then asked for a canter.

And uh.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

So I’m not stuck being a negative nag all night, here are some positives from this lovely experience:

  • We did have ONE good lap of canter. Yay?
  • I DIDN’T DIE! 🙂
  • In all seriousness, my seat was pretty darn good through this, my heels stayed down, I wasn’t hunched over and never even grasped for my horn or mane, and was able to get him under control again and didn’t even come close to falling off.
  • It’s a good confidence booster for me because I can see that I can handle this. Although, now I’m more nervous about cantering him again…blech.

I made him trot up and down the hill a few more times, then took him to the round pen and made him walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. We rode for 2 hours, maybe a bit over, and after the bucking, he was perfection. You’d never imagine he had misbehaved so bad before. I made him back up a lot, flex, do lots of circles. Made sure he wouldn’t go to the pasture thinking he should do it again. After it, I was still confident. Didn’t have any urge to get off my horse and run away to a safe bomb proof pony. Didn’t feel like he was going to kill me.

A year ago, I would’ve gotten off the moment he crowhopped. And I’m willing to bet, I wouldn’t of been able to sit the last round. But this year, I did sit it, and I didn’t get nervous. I kept my cool, stayed calm, and was able to work my creature through it.

But now, I’m my typical anxious self, wondering if there’s any pain causing it. So I’m going to consult with my trainer, see what she thinks, and see if we may need to have a vet check just to make sure. I don’t think it’s pain, but better to be safe rather than sorry.

Notice I was at least minding my melon. 😉

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