I started getting sick over a week ago, and let me tell you, it has been the worst sickness I’ve had in years. It takes a lot to keep me in bed and inside, but this thing? I’ve been cooped up forever now. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel thankfully, but with fevers, aching, migraines, nausea and pink eye (IN BOTH EYES. WHAT EVEN.) and a horrible cough, I’ve been prevented from being outside in the cold. I’ve finally gotten better enough to actually do some groundwork with Red and get him to move a little since we obviously haven’t been riding.

My lesson this Monday was cancelled because it was like 15 degrees, and nope, Tennesseeians can not. My lesson before that, however, was great. It was the day before I got sick but thankfully I still felt like myself. The mare I ride was a bit stiff at first but she warmed up fine, did w/t/c like usual, we were going to work on lead changes but didn’t want to push her too much. I’m really, really, really proud of my canter. As I (think?) posted about before, I had really bad issues with cantering and nerves. I’d be squeamish and feel like I was going to puke just because of my fear of cantering. But this lesson was great. I had no nerves, just cantered and focused on my seat and pushing through things and it was wonderful, trainer said my seat looked nearly perfect and that she was so happy with how far it’s come in a few lessons. Woohoo! Also, exciting news, she has offered to haul Redhead out for a lesson! So I’m basically waiting on her to figure out when she has a spare place in her trailer. Super excited.

I decided to do some liberty with Red yesterday since I haven’t in forever, so I took him to the pasture that was the least muddy (also where the others were eating hay..) Red loves his hay, and I was totally expecting him to be 100% focused on the hay instead of me, but he joined up immediately and followed me around for about 5 minutes before I stood still and he decided to lay down right in front of me and chill out.

literally a snuggly teddy bear. He laid like this for almost the whole time and let me hug all over him.
dude your blanket noooo.
when he started rolling in his $350 blanket I was literally whispering “do not tear do not tear do not tear” thankfully it was just a bit muddy.

So chill we did, after a bit we got back up, I went to run up the hill to see what he’d do and…

having this run beside me is a fun experience

He made a few laps around the pasture then came back to me and trotted up the hill next to me. I didn’t realize how much pent up energy he had but I think I’ll make this an evening ritual until I’m strong enough to be back in the saddle and the weather permits. Mom cracked up on top of the hill watching him run up. He may be a bit lazy, but when he wants to, he can get it. There’s so much strength in that horse it almost scares me and amazes me at the same time that I just get on him like “ey no biggie”

Farrier comes out the first part of February, Jubilee is set to leave before Saturday but we’re getting snow so who knows. Also…we’re getting a new addition on Thursday maybe. 😉

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