Getting In The Groove.

I had three new years resolutions for this year. I’m not typically one to make them, or do big year in review posts, not because I don’t like the posts, but I’m weird, and don’t see a new year as a big deal. My days kind of mesh together. But, 2015, to be frank, kind of sucked in a lot of ways. There was some good…

  • Rescued Jubilee.
  • Rescued Zippy. (cough cough..we’ll talk about him in a sec.)
  • Got our arena up. (though we’re not done…by Spring it’ll be even bigger and have really soft ground!!)
  • Got Stormie.
  • Found Spirit an AMAZING home.
  • Found a trainer. (After a three year long search…yikes.)

And, of course, there were other good things in my horse world. But, there was a lot of bad..

  • Struggled a lot with Jubilee’s health.
  • Hit the heartbreaking year mark of losing Shalom.
  • Mom went to the ER, twice, once with very serious injuries (brain bleed, concussion, bruised ribs, and something messed up really bad in her back.) once with a tree limb literally stuck in her eye, resulting in her almost losing her eye.
  • Had to deal with Zippy because he decided to go crazy and send mother to said ER.
  • Family issues. Lots of em.
  • I went through a huge thing where I didn’t ride for over a month because of crippling fear and anxiety after my mother’s accident.
  • Red freaked me out, made me think he had a broken leg when he really just had thrush.  (he’s over dramatic.)
  • Red got kicked by Zippy, resulting in a messed up back, couldn’t ride him for like two months. (because we really needed more time off…)

And…I could list more.

I’m happy to have 2015 gone. I’m happy to have a new year, a new start. I’m happy to have 2016. So, I decided to make three resolutions.

  1. Get healthier. Fun fact, I have Celiac disease which was just diagnosed a year or so ago, and I’m also severely lactose intolerant. If I have dairy, I get sick as a dog. If I have gluten, I get sick as a dog. I keep eating dairy because OH MAN who doesn’t love cheese, right? But it’s slowly crippling me and I’ve gotta stop. I’m active enough, but I want to start running a mile or so every day, like I used to, I’m going to start playing basketball again and get more active, and eat healthier. This goes hand in hand with resolution 2, because you can’t be an amazing rider unless you’re healthy and strong enough.
  2. Become a better rider and ride more. Lessons have been the biggest blessing I’ve had in awhile. It’s given me the inspiration to ride more, and get my butt off of the couch or wherever else it likes to be, and get it in the saddle. I’m getting more opportunities to ride, and I’m at a point where, weather permitting and if my horse is sound (I say this because he tends to go lame randomly when I’m in a good place and riding more…) I can be riding 3-4 days a week. Red needs that desperately. I need that. I know that if I could stick with this, Red could be in an incredible place by the end of 2016.
  3. Become the person I want to be. This isn’t necessarily horse related (half and half, I guess.) but it kind of ties in as well. Most of you guys know that I’m a very religious person, I’m a Christian, and I take my faith really seriously. I want to get in a better place with that, get in the habit of studying it more, and becoming who I want to be. I want to become a more dedicated person, dedicated to horses, God, my future. I want 2016 to be a productive year, because I do have goals, and I have every intention of reaching them.


I started 2016 off right, tacked up Red yesterday in the freezing cold and dedicated myself to a 45 minute ride of real work. Warmed him up for about 15 minutes, let him walk and jog on the buckle and relax, then asked for some nice, collected trot.  He jumped right into a really good jog, nice and slow and smooth, I think he gave his best for me in the first 30 minutes and then kind of started getting tired after. He has a bad habit of not wanting to stay on rail and follow a good circle and stay at the trot the entire time…so worked on that. After about 3 laps I’d slow him down, let him stretch and walk, then ask him for more trot. He barely even broke a sweat…he’s in better shape than I am. I wore my helmet…it’s a pain, probably a size too large, but it works until my other helmet gets here.

I do think his head may be starting to go in a better place, and I think he looks rounder, a lot less hollow. It definitely feels better.

I’m in bad shape, I can hardly handle a few laps of trot, so we’ll get in better shape together. 😉 I want us to have a few good rides, get him going better and staying on the rail and getting him to stay in his gait for a few laps before I start on canter work.

I’m really enjoying his trot, though…gotta admit, it’s getting nice to look at.

Tacking up again in a few for another 40 minute ride. Poor Redhead.

Also….Jubilee is most likely going to her new home on the 15th. More info on that later.


4 thoughts on “Getting In The Groove.”

  1. Ugh. Looks like you and a rough year. I hope and prayer that 2016 is much better for you. I’m working on similar things as well. I want to be a better rider and be more fit, and to be a better person and Christian. I hope that I can better serve the Lord this year.


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