Lesson #2

I had another lesson on Tuesday – I’m scheduled for a lesson on Monday every week but so far, we’ve been rained out every Monday so it gets rescheduled, I think Monday is cursed. Mom and I took my nephew so my sister wouldn’t have to watch him and all of her other kiddos during his lesson, he got to ride another pony,  very different than the one he started on. Not as push-button. 😉 He gets to jump in his next lesson, and he’s super excited. It’s crazy that an english kid came out of this western family.

I rode the same mare as before, got her tacked up and went to their sand arena since the others were pretty much complete mud after the storms. We warmed up at the walk, then my trainer had me move her off into a jog after about 5 minutes and we worked on collection, and she taught me a few new things to work with on Red. She asked me to use the inside rein and lift up on it to push the shoulder and get the horse into collection, then release as soon as she gives, and give a little bit of inside leg to keep her going. I’m excited to try this out with Red as soon as the weather stops being…terrible. I could definitely feel a huge difference with lifting one rein as opposed to using a tighter rein. We went a few laps at the trot, worked on keeping decent EQ after trotting for awhile. We worked on this for about 10-15 minutes.

Then, we moved to the canter and she worked with me on how to ask for it when Red isn’t exactly behaving and not wanting to go into the canter. Also worked on asking for it at the walk, first time didn’t work out because I accidentally let her jump into a trot, so we slowed back to a walk and asked again, second time’s the charm. For whatever reason, I was really stiff and weird in the first lap of canter, I’m guessing it was still soreness from working on posting with Red a lot this week + actually cantering more, along with me not being used to cantering for such a long span. But after the first lap around the arena I got a lot more comfortable and eased back into a good mode and I felt like my EQ was a lot better than the first week, not leaning back as much and keeping lower hands. She told me to open rein today since we were working on collection, and in this arena the mare likes to head away from the sides, haha. Easier to steer. (;

We cantered for awhile…a lot longer than I’m used to. Switched directions once, and kept her going. It’s a lot tougher than I imagined to keep my body out of her way and to keep my legs in a good place, heels down and my back straighter. Ab workout, lol. I have no clue how long we worked on this but it was awhile. Mom kept laughing from the sides, saying I’d be sore later (and omg, shoulders hurt and abs hurt the day after. Surprisingly enough my legs were tired that day but didn’t really get sore.) but honestly, I think her being able to see me ride a different horse and do these things is just as good for her as it is for me, since she definitely deals with anxious mother syndrome. That’s the #1 reason I haven’t really been able to work with Red’s canter enough…anxious mother on the sides. 😉

Went back to a trot for a moment, then walked her out and my trainer got on to show me a few things for collection work at the trot and for getting Red to canter when he decides he’d rather just trot. Lots of good stuff, definitely a really good lesson. Now for the rain to stop so my next lesson won’t be cancelled and I can get on Red again. It stormed terribly last night (the lightning seriously scared me, it lit up my entire room all through the night and that thunder was crazy.) and it’s supposed to rain throughout the rest of the weekend so. 😛

Also, Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope y’all have a great holiday!


3 thoughts on “Lesson #2”

  1. Sounds like another great lesson!! Hopefully lots more to come!!
    Build that stamina girl!! And people who say riding is easy are crazy- when you are doing it right, it’s hard work!!


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