I can hardly believe it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. A lot has happened this year, horse wise and otherwise, and while a lot of bad has happened, there’s a lot to be thankful for. The last year has brought me two rescues, Jubilee and Zippy (it feels crazy to think I haven’t had Jubilee for longer) and I am forever thankful to have been able to helped two lives, no matter how the situation turned out with one of them. I’m thankful that my mother got through the accident okay, and was back on her mare after just a couple weeks.

I’m thankful for having the ability to have not just one, but two amazing horses, that I can trust so much and have a wonderful connection with. Two horses that have taught me a lot – Red, for teaching me to be a better rider, “trainer” (obviously not a trainer, but every rider trains their horses some things, and we just hope they’re good.) and person in general. He’s boosted my confidence and been exactly what I’ve needed in my dark times for three years now. This is my third year with him, and I’m even more thankful for him this year than I was the year before that. Jubilee, for teaching me about being patient and open to different ideas, for teaching me that riding isn’t the most important thing for every horse. I’ve learned so much because of her, even though it’s stuff I’d rather not have to know about (big lick, stifles, cushings worries, bad hooves, getting an abused horse to trust.) they are things that will be extremely useful for my future. She showed me my love for gaited horses that I never would’ve discovered without her, and my love for rescuing that runs so deeply.

I’m thankful for bareback rides on both of my horses, whether it’s to sit on them to see how they would react and see if they’d trust in me enough (Jubilee, photo from her first bareback ride this week.) or if it’s to ride the trails bareback again after  a fall and see if I trust him enough. (Red, photo from our bareback ride yesterday.)

Both of these horses are so different yet so influential in my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m thankful for good mares, especially ones who bring my mother so much happiness after a long time of searching and nearly giving up on finding her next horse. A heart horse for my mom.

I’m thankful for my life, the fact that this year, I’m no longer boarding my horses, the fact that I’m riding and have been able to have my horse for another year, knowing that several bloggers have said goodbye to their beautiful equines this year.

very thankful for cameras and mothers who begrudgingly take a few photos. 😉

Lastly, I’m thankful for the people I’ve met either here or on other social media sites, people that have the same crazy love for equines. You all are fantastic people, and I’ve learned so much just by reading your blogs or seeing your photos on Instagram and talking with you. All of you have played a part somehow in my riding, and I’m thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating tomorrow!


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