Stifles from Hell.

First off, apologies for not responding to the comments y’all have made on my posts, WordPress has decided it’d be fun to not let me reply or comment on my own blog. So, hoping it resolves soon because super annoying.

Y’all know that Jubilee was having some fairly major issues about 2-3 weeks ago. Her stifles were locking up and she kept going lame, so we made a vet appointment, put her on Yucca and MSM as well as keeping her on the Dumor Joint supplement, and turned her out alone in our flatter pasture to prevent her getting into fights with the new mare Mouse (Jubilee can and will fight a big draft horse.) and to get her off of such steep hills. Every time it would rain, she’d slip somehow and manage to hurt herself and she’d go lame for a couple days. Then, she got a terrible case of diarrhea. We took her off MSM and Yucca and eased her back into a supplement and found out it was the MSM causing the issues. So now, she’s on Yucca and Dumor Joint. Everyone has told me to keep her moving, so we’ve been taking walks every day for about 10-15 minutes, stretching her legs before and after, and doing some groundwork because oh my gosh, she is so sassy on the lead. It rained hard a couple days ago, and whaddya know, she doesn’t go lame. Like, at all. She was still a bit stiff in those stifles but she’d only been back on the supplements for a few days and she’s 20 and wasn’t used to being back in work and moving, so some stiffness was totally expecting. The day before yesterday, she was moving really, really well. Still locking up a little, still a bit stiff, but noticeably better.

Super, super, super fluffy horse

Yesterday, I went out to feed and didn’t really feel like doing much with her because I’ve had the worst virus ever and on top of that, I got a migraine…but then…I went out, and she was walking the best I’ve seen her walk in forever. She was still slightly stiff on the harder ground but it was barely there, you’d probably only see it if you were looking for it. Like we do. Paranoid horse freaks. On good ground, she didn’t lock up at all, she walked so great. So, I decided that if she continued doing this well, I’m going to get back on her on a warmer day. Her stifles weren’t even warm, and they weren’t swollen at all.

So yesterday, I did what all smart sickly people do…I put her bridle on, and did groundwork and walked her for 30 minutes. In the freezing cold. Jubilee wasn’t effected at all because ey, she has the coat of a stinkin’ mule. I got her bit warmed up enough and put it next to her face, I was gathering the reins and she put her head down, I moved the bit over and she literally took her bit by herself just like that. I was like, oh. Okay. She’s still not used to the snaffle at all, and I thought it may be smart to put it in her mouth when we take our walks to get her to take it easier and accept it. In the beginning she chewed a lot and fought it and yawned like crazy, but by the end she was flexing perfectly on the ground and seemed to be getting used to the idea of having a bit back in there.

This was before I put the curb strap on, she had her ears up and I had to take a photo before she moved, lol.

It almost feels like I’m dealing with an unbroke horse because of how many things we’re having to do and start fresh with. People asked me why I’m having to get her used to the bit and why she is so confused by it, but she wasn’t used to a mild bit, she was used to a severe gaited bit, she isn’t used to loose reins or riding and having the rider ask her to do more than just rack in a circle in a show ring, she isn’t used to riding without being sored, she doesn’t know how to flex or bend or collect herself normally, all she knows riding wise is how to be a Big Lick horse. All of this is new to her and she has no clue why it is that I want from her.

With that being said, I’m thankful she has a good mind and has never offered to buck or bolt or rear. 😉 She’s spooky, so I have to be more careful with her than I do with any of our other horses, she has a lot of energy when she’s riding, but it’s all fixable. And since she’ll never do more than light riding around the farm, it’s no big deal.

Whiskers forever.

Our vet will be out this week, farrier is due to be out in December. I’m very eager to see what our vet says about her and I think it’ll be a positive visit, but pretty nervous about the farrier since she hates her back legs being messed with because of her stifles. I’m hoping by then she’ll be a lot better. I’m also scheduling an appointment with a girl to give her a massage in December or January. Spoiled horse.

What to do with a horse who won’t put her ears up? You make those suckers go up.

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