Oh, hey.

So. Totally didn’t realize that I didn’t post at all in October. Needless to say, life has been crazy but there hasn’t been much to update horse-wise. No news is good news, right?

We’ve had a crazy amount of rain which really put a damper in my riding plans for October, but I did get some riding time in. Red and I have been working on simple but important things – basically just listening to my cues quicker and with more ease. Instead of me having to use a lot of rein to stop him at a canter, we’re working on a loose one rein stop. Instead of me having to nudge him a lot to get him to back, we’re working on him doing it as soon as I ask and keep backing until I say to stop, not just whenever he wants. As far as the backing up goes, he’s doing amazing. It’s crazy to think it took him 3 years to do this. It really was a fear thing. It sounds weird, but something made him afraid to do it. I have no idea what could’ve been done, but it was so obviously fear. He’d try anything to get out of it, even rearing up, but now? He’s just amazing. Backs up the second I ask and he will back up nearly the whole length of the round pen with total ease.

Sleepy pony in his new tack on Halloween night.

We just started working on sidepassing on the ground, and opening up gates with me on him. He’s getting better at the gates, he’ll back up and align himself great but he just doesn’t want to go close enough for me to open them, but we’ll get there. He seems confused on what I’m asking.

I’m also doing some more ground work because he’s super stubborn right now when I’m leading him.

We had a new farrier out and really like him, he did a great job on Red’s hooves. Red had a crack up the front of his hoof and I kept voicing my concerns about it and he was actually able to explain everything, cleaned it out completely and it looks great now.

Halloween = a great time to get Salem in some pictures.

We also have a new addition to the farm. Our neighbor had been looking for a place to board her mare for awhile and was actually about to sell her because she couldn’t find a place who would give her the care she needs (she has cushings and navicular and requires meds) and she was tired of moving her around. So we offered her a place as long as her owner came out to help us around some and gave her the hock injections every month. So far, it’s working out great. We turned her out with Red in our back pasture and Red loves her. They never even pinned ears, went right into acting like they’ve known each other forever. She’s a Belgian/Haflinger cross. She’s a bit taller than a typical Haffie and she is stout.

Everything is going good, so hoping we get some more riding time in November than we did in October. Crazy to think it’s holiday season. We’ve had a super mild Fall so I’m hoping the warmness stays for awhile!


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