A (stinky) Vacation!

So, y’all (those of you who remember this date) may have been expecting me to write a post on the 4th of September. After all, it was Red and I’s 3 year anniversary. But, I am a terrible horse owner and I left the state on that very day. The week before that was just crazy and hectic, and I completely forgot to write up a short post about it on here, even though I took special photos, rode and did fun things with the pon.


I’ve ridden since my last post, also have lunged him once and worked some with Jubilee. I left on the 4th and got back late last night, and while the vacation was fairly enjoyable, I was so ready to come home. We had been told that we were set up to stay at a nice resort, and ended up in a hotel that smelled like sulfur. It was absolutely terrible. Everything was nice enough as far as beds, cleanliness, and everything else goes, but oh my gosh, that smell. I literally almost puked when we walked inside. We remedied this with lots of bath and body works sprays.

Like, a lot.

The elevator was another story. The smell wouldn’t go away and it was also super hot in there, so yeah. I may or may not have stuffed my face in my purse every time we tried to get in. The stairs were just as bad, so there was no way out of it. Lovely.

We spent a couple days with my grandparents, then spent a few days at that hotel and visited other family, I also went to Disney for the first time of my life. Left the hotel at 5am and got back at 11pm, needless to say, Disney was a blast but a very tiring blast.

My favorite part of the trip was stopping in Ocala and spending way too much money at several tack stores. No regrets.

Now…horsey update! We got our round pen set up this evening, we still need to lay down some more of the crushed gravel (very soft stuff, like sand but cheaper, sounds super hard and rough on them but it’s vet approved!) and to get rid of some of the grass in there so they don’t want to eat like crazy and will focus on work, but it’s good enough for some work. I popped Red in there this evening after he ate and let him get some crazies out. This horse loves round pens. I swear, he gets all excited and runs around and listens so well. I let him explore for a few moments then asked for him to trot a few laps around the pen. It was around 60 degrees and it was good to work him without him sweating like crazy! He was very high energy, kind of spooky but he’s in new surroundings and felt good so I didn’t blame him. He threw a couple little bucks while he cantered around then settled down.

Then, the cat decided to jump on the fence out of nowhere and scared the poor pony to death.

“IS IT GONE?!?!” this was after he took off, which I failed to get photos of because he was right at my side, lol.

He started getting tired after about 30 minutes of trotting around and snorting and being silly, so I stood in the middle of the pen and asked him to join up, which he did. We walked around for a few moments, gave him some pats and I let him walk around while I got a few photos.

Probably my favorite photo of him right now.

He’s getting super dark now that Fall is almost here! 🙂

I’m going to try and ride him tomorrow, if not I’ll lunge again. Going to start working him 4-5 times a week again now that I’m home! Jubilee is crazy right now and needs to get some energy out so one will get ridden and one will get lunged. Farrier is due to come out soon too, as is my vet for their yearly stuff. Busy month!

Three amazing years with the perfect partner.

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