Game Plan for Jubilee!


The other day, a friend of ours from the old barn kind of set us up (after I set him up with a mare, lol) with a guy who is trying to find a home for his TWH gelding (free!) We told him, nope, not interested in another horse, no way, not yet. But, he promised the guy that we’d go see the horse, so we called him up, told him we’d come see him but we wouldn’t be interested but would help him find someone who’d take him. The horse has a minor hock injury and needs stall rest for 6 weeks and probably some nice cold hosing for the time being and this man didn’t have the area he needed or the ability to keep him stalled since he boards. We got there and the guy goes, “Oh, by the way, he’s big.” Our friend said he was maybe 15.3ish..

This horse is massive.

The guy said he estimated 17hh, but he was probably getting pretty close to 18hh. Solid black, gorgeous, gorgeous boy. And he has an amazing personality. Super gentle with the horses, he’s the horse they always throw the new ones in with because he never fights with anything. Excellent training. His only bad habit is he is a little pushy while being led around, but that being said, he’s not doing it on purpose or aggressively at all – it’s like he thinks he’s 14 hands and wants to be close.

He has the cutest face.

Racks like a dream, super smooth. If he was shorter, we would’ve been interested. But we have no room for a horse this big who has to have stall rest. If anyone is looking for a nice horse, whoever gets this guy is going to be lucky. You won’t find a better horse like this. The owner is super sweet and said he’d give the vets number to confirm it’s not a bad injury. He just needs rest.

This makes him look SUPER awkward but he’s anything but.

We told him we’d keep an eye out for a good owner, so here’s hoping “Buddy” finds a loving place.

Went home to my much smaller TWH. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m figuring out a plan for her right now. I’m not super content with her weight right now, but after talking with my farrier/vet/a few other horse people, I think the best thing for her will be work. She has a weak butt and a weak topline, and I have a feeling that it may start filling out once we work more. So after our vacation in early September she’ll be getting into some work. I’m thinking we’ll lunge twice a week and ride once a week to start out. I don’t want to push her too hard considering she hasn’t been working and she’s older. My vet is convinced that she’ll be just fine with a work load and we shouldn’t worry much about how much she’s doing since she knows we won’t push her over her limit, but still…I want her to be happy and healthy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

legit the sweetest.

So…here are my very tentative goals for Jubilee and I for the rest of 2015.

  • Get her moving easier. She is the laziest horse I’ve ever met, and I know why – she’s crazy barn sour and spoiled rotten. I need to get her to where she’ll move off without a person tugging her along.
  • Polish off her stop. She has a habit where she doesn’t want to stop easily. She will, but you really have to force it.
  • Find the right bit. She did okay in the snaffle and okay in the hack, but she acts very confused with both. I’ll ride her a few more times in my O-ring and try the next bit if she doesn’t work through this.
  • Figure out her gaits and how to get her in them. I’m not experienced with walkersย  – I know how to walk/trot/canter…but not how to walk, running walk, pace, and so on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Obviously the list will lengthen once we get in the swing of things but these are just the major things we need to start with. She needs to get used to being ridden without being sored and without a harsh shanked bit. Once we get through her mild confusion…I think we’ll be good to go.

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