Still Alive!

We’re all still alive.

I tried making a post a couple days ago and was like…oh my gosh, too many updates to give. So I’m going to list them out with  very little information so my brain doesn’t combust and this post doesn’t become 5,000 words long.

  • Mom is okay. It was a disc in her back that was hurting her so bad. She goes for an MRI and cat scan this week and next week just to double check things (they have two ideas on what it is, so just finding out which.) She’s doing very well and proving everyone how crazy tough she is. The other day she was like “Meh, I don’t like meds” and took herself off of her muscle relaxers…her pain is nearly gone although her ribs are pretty sore right now. Head is doing great!
  • Zippy is SOLD. Ah yes, that happened. Followers on my instagram account will have known this. I put his sale ad up on Friday, he was paid for Sunday and gone by Monday. Great, great, great people. They have a ton of experience with stallions, the guy is an incredible rider and handled Zippy’s craziness. Oh, BTW, we proved it wasn’t just a fluke thing or rider error. He wanted to blow up on this guy for no reason. Luckily, the guy handled it great and very gently and Zippy was settled down within minutes. He loved him. Woot!
  • I’m back in the saddle…except not really. I’ve been riding Red almost every day since…uh, a week ago? Maybe? He got yesterday off because it was storming and when it wasn’t storming, it was hot. And I was like, “nope” Humidity is the death of me. But yes, one day I decided to work on flexing and keeping him still, tested out his back (actually my farrier did when he came out and decided he wanted to ride Red, rofl.) and he was fine. Next day I mounted up and then it just continued. His back is healing good and I’m hoping but this weekend he’ll be good to go and I can saddle up for one or two more good rides before I leave in September for a week. He’s been great, I’m doing okay. He’s standing for mounting 100% of the time now which is such a small victory to most but a huge thing to me because he’s always sucked at that patience thing.

I’m currently on the lookout for a good priced western helmet, so if anyone knows of any good brands or sales going on, let me know! I can’t afford a super expensive one, but I’ll obviously pay enough to get a nice one. I’d prefer it to do it’s job. 😉

Once we get back from Florida and things are settled, I’ll be getting the friend of mine who gave us a lesson a few weeks back to come back out and schedule a few other lessons. It helped us tremendously and I need to get back to that. Life is settling down, finally.


4 thoughts on “Still Alive!”

  1. I’m glad your mom is well! Here is a link to western-looking helmet. Although I have not used this particular helmet, i use a Troxel helmet and like the brand. It comes in brown, tan, and black, with leather on the top.

    Also, my trainer guys form the below website, and this is what came up when I search for western helmets.

    I hope you find one that you like.


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