My mother came home on…um…Tuesday? Honestly, my days are sort of flooding together right now and I’m eager to start a new week and hopefully remember the days this time. Her first day back home was okay – she was sore, but my brother and his fiancee came over to help us out a little and keep her company, my step-father was home too. She wanted to go to the barn, of course, so I did all the feeding while she walked around and visited the horse’s. Her biggest struggle was her ribs, her head didn’t hurt at all. The next day, she said she felt nearly perfect and wanted to go to church to see everyone and get back to normalcy. She also went to the store and walked around too much, against our wishes lol. She came home a little sore. Yesterday, her tailbone was the worst. She was miserable (to the point of taking naps, which is unheard of with mom) and could barely sit down. She started feeling better that night though, but her tailbone is still pretty sore. Once again she insisted on coming to the farm while I fed so she could visit Stormie, lol.

And Stormie loves kisses.

Stormie sat with her while I got everything taken care of. Such a sweet mare. 🙂 Mom’s dying not being able to ride, but that will happen soon enough. We’re just hoping she’s back to 100% when we go on vacation in September.

All of the horses are doing good. Red’s back is looking much better now and I’m seeing a lot of hair growth, and I’ve been dabbing MTG on the places that aren’t opened so it won’t sting him. Right now, I’m just cleaning it out every day then putting SWAT around it so the flies don’t start getting on it and bugging him. Jubilee managed to mess up her eye somehow on Tuesday but it’s improving, we’re watching it to see if it’ll heal up on it’s own. She has a history of gunky eyes for some reason. The vet said no big deal, but next time she comes out I may ask her if there’s anything we could put in them every so often so she doesn’t have problems.

The good children.

Jubilee has been off of weight supplements for a couple weeks now, and man, it’s making such a big difference. No more loose stool, she’s picking up weight like crazy, and finally filling out. This evening I may do an 8 month transformation post for her. 🙂

Calling a farrier out soon, no luck in finding a new one thus far…and hopefully Red will be back to riding before September so I can squeeze in a few rides before we leave.


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