Hospital Visits.

Wow. Let me just start off by saying how much last night and this morning has sucked so far. I’m running on 2 hours of sleep maximum, so I’m copying my facebook post and posting it here because I don’t feel like typing it up again –

We tacked up Zippy yesterday while he was alone and separated from our other horses, he was doing good, let us cinch him up slowly, took the bit great, didn’t seem fazed. Mom walked him for a bit, then put a foot in the stirrup and started to swing up, and it was like a light flickered on and he went insane. I’m talking being calm to bronc in seconds, so quickly she didn’t even have a moment to get in a good position or grab the horn. He bucked for what felt like forever, and mom stayed on until she was in a grassy area, and she finally fell off when he went to turn too sharply. She got knocked unconscious for a moment while Zippy ran to the gate where Red was and started acting like he was going to come over the gate to kill him. I called for help and got Zippy to run off from Red. Mom woke up finally, was disoriented, so I got the horse caught, untacked and thrown back in the other pasture by himself, and Jeff took her to the ER. She has very sore ribs but they are not broken, and had to be transferred to a head specialist for a minor bleed. The fall happened around 8:15 and they are still gone at this time, hospitals are super slow, lol.
Thank you all for the prayers! We can’t even begin to explain Zippy’s behavior, but I am blaming it on his unknown past (he’s obviously been mistreated) and the fact that he is a cryptochid (aka a stallion with his testicles in his abdomen.) I’m betting that he saw Red and flipped out, and we can’t/won’t have a horse that goes crazy like that, gets scared or aggressive and has no regard for the rider on it’s back.

So. There are obviously a number of people telling us everything that could be wrong (tack, something spooked him, a bee, whatever) and telling us not to give up…but this is just inexcusable. We checked his tack very thoroughly, rode him in the same bit he’s been in, I checked him over everywhere for anything that would’ve caused him pain. He acted like he’d never had anyone on his back before. My mother does have several health problems as is, and can’t even take any pills or pain meds, so falling off for her just isn’t an option. We do have two people interested in him and we’ll make sure he finds a good home where the people know the whole story on this horse. It’s completely left me shaken up to the point of me even being nervous around Red yesterday just turning them out.

I’ve been putting off buying a helmet because no one around me wears one, but I don’t think I’m going to allow myself to have another ride without one.

4 thoughts on “Hospital Visits.”

  1. im so sorry to hear your mom had a bad fall. You have all my positive thoughts and best wishes that she will recover super fast and 100%. Don’t let anyone else make decisions for your personal safety. If you don’t feel right keeping or riding the horse – don’t. As for the helmet, you know I think that’s a good idea. No matter what the horse seems like, they can all be dangerous at times and helmets help prevent things like this from happening.


  2. Yeesh. I know you were so excited about this boy and as handsome as he is, maybe he just isn’t the right puzzle piece at this time in your little herd. I have been following along on your instagram and I am happy that your mom is now home and doing better. I just wish she didn’t have to endure that! Tough lady!


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