Zippy’s History

So, we’re doing a bit better now. Separating Zippy turned out to be the best (and only) option, at least until we decided what to do  him. Either sell him, keep him separated, or find out why he acts this way and spend a lot of money doing so. I got told by a few people that we should just turn him out with Red again and let them work it out..but no. I’ve seen scared/aggressive horses that pick on horses in the field to figure out who is dominant and figure out the pecking order. This…it isn’t that. Zippy isn’t fighting for pecking order, he’s just fighting. And now, I know why. Yesterday I checked my Facebook “other” folder and an old owner had messaged me, apparently they’d found me through the lady we got Zippy from who’d rescued him (she called her after seeing her info on his papers to let her know how he’d ended up.) Long story short, I really, really like his old owner. She got him as a yearling and kept him until he was about 3. He wouldn’t drop, she said she felt up there and checked and prayed and hoped every day that he would, but she finally did an ultrasound and his male parts are literally way up in his abdomen. He’s a cryptochid. So in his mind, he’s a stud. He just can’t breed. The surgery he needed was going to be too pricey, and she couldn’t deal with having to keep him away…so she sold him. She said she regretted it every day since. She said she should’ve done the surgery and dealt with it however she could. She sent me baby photos, bragged about how amazing he is. She said as a 2yr old he’d let kids climb all over him and he rode really great. He was also not fenced in…yep. He just stuck around. And here’s what I love the most…

I asked her about a really weird quirk of Zippy’s…he only poops in one pile. Like, refuses to poop anywhere else. He also pees in another pile. She said, “oh yeah, I let him in my house and on my porch! He’s potty trained, LOL”

Guys. My horse is potty trained.

She said she spent hours every day with him on the ground and he’s the biggest lover, and he definitely is. He has to be away from geldings and mares. He’s good with mares but he’ll try to mount them, and he obviously just hates geldings. Now that we have our answers, we’re thinking very seriously that we’re going to keep him. If we need to, we’ll try to get that surgery done. It’s not completely necessary, we have plenty of land for him to have his own pasture, and he’s completely happy and perky being by himself. So, we’ll see what happens. We want to ride him a few times before we make a decision.

He’s picking up weight super quickly. He already looks way better, so we’ll be on his back before long.

Red’s back is healing slowly but surely. Hosing it off and cleaning it out every day, and we just decided to take a break with the meds for a bit. I left it bare (after I cleaned it) last night and it looks way better. Seeing some scabbing finally, and it’s not swollen or uncomfortable anymore.

It’s about time to have our farrier out and we’ll be using a new guy. Longgg story. 😉


4 thoughts on “Zippy’s History”

  1. That explains a lot. One thing though, just because he’s a cryptorchid does NOT mean he can’t breed. I don’t think you have any mares, but never leave him with a mare thinking that he won’t breed to her. He can and will! Would be great if y’all could get the surgery done, because if he’s studdish with your geldings you don’t know what other kind of behavior might manifest itself.


  2. I agree with Lauren. A crypt stud can still breed a mare.

    And I really think the surgery should strongly be considered before he gets sent down the road to someone else who is unaware or before he seriously harms another horse. The best thing to remember about him is that he IS a stallion. Just because he’s a crypt does not mean he is “gelding-like”. He IS a stud – proceed with extreme caution.


  3. I’m glad you found out why he was acting the way he did. It certainly explains his behavior. I hope that if you do the surgery, that he becomes less stud-like and can be safely turn out with the others.


  4. Glad you guys are figuring things out! I’ve known s few horses are who have been really spoiled by humans like him and are really just happier with people lol.

    Can’t wait to see how he rides!


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