Feeling Defeated.

Yesterday, I made the decision to separate Red and Zippy. Red went in the other pasture with Jubilee, leaving Zippy and Stormie alone in the front. You could literally see the relief on Red’s face when he walked out and realized, hey, Zippy isn’t in here! He went straight to grazing. He just acted so depressed before, and he was terrified of moving because of Zippy. But, good times can’t last forever for my fat horse…because he’s prone to founder. That pasture he was in is full of super rich grass. I checked his hooves a few times throughout the day, and this morning, I knew I needed to move him to the other pasture again so he wouldn’t founder. Zippy and him hadn’t fought for awhile, and even greeted each other politely at the gate. But when I let Red out today, all hell broke loose. I barely got out  the way in time, Zippy literally charged and attacked him out of nowhere and Red tried running away. He bucked up, kicked Zippy but Zippy totally ignored it. At this point, mom and I are extremely concerned for Red, especially since he was already feeling sore from before. I grab the lunge whip and am able to send Zippy off, and called for Red who happily walked back to me, completely out of breath and shaken up.

At this point, I’m pretty darn angry.

I’m not one to get mad at horses, but this? This was completely uncalled for, and no one’s fault. It was so random. Red was just next to me, walking to the water quietly and didn’t even look up, and Zippy went crazy on him.He got his butt pretty good, so I have another wound to medicate, but nothing horrible.

I feel really guilty over this.

We put Zippy in a stall, then grabbed Red and Jubilee and switched pastures. We’ll keep rotating to prevent anyone from foundering. This obviously can’t be a permanent situation, so here’s the deal –  we’ll be finding Zippy a new home, as soon as we can find a good place for him. He’s a good horse, a talented horse. near perfect ground manners, loves mares, but he can’t stay here. I can’t let him try to kill my horse for no reason, I don’t trust them even being near each other.

I feel guilty, and really, really bummed.

This has been the third attack and it’s not getting any better, it’s getting way worse. When Red left his sight, he literally wanted to jump the stall gate to get to him. No clue where this is coming from, but it’s aggression. Pure aggression.

My feelings exactly.

So, I posted a little ad on my personal FB, I won’t advertise him elsewhere yet though. And this evening, I’m riding Jubilee for the 5th time and really working with her on a lot of things. And I’m getting a break from the stress and taking care of my two horses.  Red’s wounds and Jubilee’s fatness…that horse needs some work, lol.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Defeated.”

  1. I know on your IG and possibly on here as well that you guys weren’t sure of Zippy’s testicle status, right? That would definitely be where the aggression is coming from–too many hormones raging around, and now he thinks he’s got to protect his mares from his rival Red, even if Red is just a sweet mush. Hopefully you find a good place for him quickly so everything goes back to normal!


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