And…Red’s out of commission.

Ah yes, the thing I’ve been expecting to happen ever since Zippo’s first day here has happened.

A horse has gotten hurt. And of course, because life loves to throw curveballs at me as soon as I start riding daily again, it was my horse who got hurt. Red’s got a lovely kick mark right on his back where the saddle would go.


It’s not deep, so no vet visits were required. Not swollen, just there and sore. He let me medicate it tonight with no issue, but you can tell he’s trying not to get involved with the others right now. He’s walking around and grazing with them but you can tell he’s just uncomfortable, probably sore everywhere considering he’s been running so much. I thought I noticed something there during night check but he was out running with the others and I didn’t even think anything of it, I looked at my photos and zoomed way in and it was definitely there last night. It’s been raining all day and he’s been standing in it which I am actually happy for since it keeps it nice and cleaned out. No heat or anything either. Mom is expecting him to be ready to get back into things within a couple weeks, but I’m seriously not a happy camper.

It’s long but not deep. The rain has made it look worse than it is.
all I have to say is he’s lucky he’s so gosh darn cute.

On the brightside, they seem to be getting along really good now. Zippy is perfect in the stall,  no food aggression at all, loves being petted on, walks right up to us in the pasture now and follows us like a puppy. His personality is very much like Red’s. He needs a bath desperately but no sense in doing that until the rain is gone! He probably needs his teeth floated soon, too.

I was planning a big fun weekend with a friend of mine, she was going to come out and ride with me, but I’m going to have to cancel that ride since I was riding Red. I don’t want to ride Stormie (we just don’t click, lol) Zippy is still too skinny to go out on a trail, Jubilee is too green to go out, and Red is obviously not able. So, I’m in a mood, lol. I will probably go ahead and get Jubilee tacked up sometime though and take her for a hack around the arena and start getting her back to work full time.

So, not much to say. A farrier is due to come out sometime as soon as we can schedule a visit. (:

3 thoughts on “And…Red’s out of commission.”

  1. Sorry about Red! The cut doesn’t look too bad though. I bet it’ll heal up pretty soon. 😉 But seriously though, that new horse is so cute!! If you ever get tired of him you could, you know, send him my way. 😀 lol


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