Introducing…Zippo Crotons Bar!

Well, I’ve been keeping a secret for the past few days. Last Friday, my mother and I went to go see “Breezy” a horse that a friend of ours had rescued on the 4th of July. We’ve been entertaining the idea of rescuing another now that our other pasture is fenced and we have so much room basically being wasted. My friend sent my mother a text about him, and we set up a time to go see him and hear his story…long story short, I totally fell in love with this little guy.

All we know is he’s been neglected for the last year or so. We were told he was being kept in a dog lot, and he’s obviously not been eating well. He is skinnier than photos show, he’s pretty ribby and his topline is very sunken in and boney, but he’ll bounce back.

Unloading like a gentleman.

He rode here really well, unloaded and went straight to grazing. Our friend, we’ll call her B, went ahead and tacked him up for about 5 minutes to show us that he rode well. We found a few sale ads for him (including one from when he was a yearling!) and everyone went on and on and on about how kid friendly and deadbroke this horse is.She hopped on, he stood still, went straight up the rode, walk/trot/canter through cars and everything and didn’t bat an eye. Went back home, stood while she untacked and just hung out. He’s got a great little lope that I can’t wait to ride.

He’s small, probably about 14.3, but judging by his bloodlines and how he looked as a yearling, I’m expecting him to muscle up pretty well and be stout.

He’s a 2006 model Quarter Horse, but looks more arabian or paso fino right now,lol! We turned him out with Red first, they squealed and pawed at each other for a bit, but eventually they just walked off and didn’t bug each other. Stormie was extremely unhappy about being away from Red, she galloped around the fields like she was going insane so we turned her out later in the night, she walked down, Red got in the middle when Zippo went to sniff her, and that was that. No fights. Sometime around midnight we went up and checked them, they were all grazing peacefully. This morning during feeding they quarreled a little, he’s also hard to catch out in our pasture, but all of these things are to be expected. No wounds on anyone or any bad fighting, so we’re happy with how things have gone. Honestly the easiest time we’ve had as far as putting horses together. This evening I’ll bring him out and work with him some. He needs to be worked with on the ground, he’s a little pushy. Not headstrong, but he doesn’t really understand that he needs to be next to me on the line instead of rubbing on me.

Red looks like he’s a good foot taller than him and heck of a lot wider, rofl. Crazy to think this horse used to be so puny, too!

Red comes up for hugs like “new horse? oh totally didn’t notice”

If anyone wants to see his pedigree, you can see it here!

Little guy has some nice bloodlines, and I think he has a lot of potential. Planning on making him my western pleasure/HUS type of mount. 🙂 Getting conformation shots today so I can take monthly photos to show progress.

8 thoughts on “Introducing…Zippo Crotons Bar!”

  1. Congratulations! Wowwe! What a beauty even now, he’ll be a stunner for sure once he gets some weight put on!

    (And off topic, can you make your blog mobile friendly? I love reading it but when I only do it from my phone, the type is so small I have to zoom in and then constantly swipe back and forth to read. The only plus side is the pictures are big and gorgeous! Haha)


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