6 Month Transformation – Jubilee.

So, we’ve had Jubilee for 6 months now. Hard to believe that it’s almost been a year since we traveled to Kentucky for Shalom, and before we know it, it’ll be a year after losing him. We brought Jubilee home just a couple months after him. In many ways, Jubilee has been a harder case than him. In others, she’s been a breeze compared. She’s constantly amazed us with her personality and fight – this is a horse with a desire to live, with gumption. She hasn’t picked up weight like Shalom did, she still has some issues we need to work through, we’re actually calling a vet today to schedule a visit. We’re fully aware that we have a couple months to get some of her issues fixed before winter.

This horse has definitely given me a huge respect for Tennessee Walkers. I was given two stories about this breed – one was that they were hyped and crazy after being abused like she’d been. They warned us to watch our backs with her because she would go crazy eventually. We even told our farrier to be very, very careful since she’d been sored.

We were told that walkers were the most forgiving breed ever, and that if anything, they’re thankful when saved. My mom remembered meeting a guy who was local and recently jailed for his part in Big Lick, she’d gone to his barn a few times, and all of his horses were stacked up high, in tiny stalls all the time, and most were in pain. But they did everything he asked. Jubilee is the same. Even through a bit of fear in the first couple of days, she listened to us. This horse has been starved nearly to death and sored, and she doesn’t have a single bit of aggression. I wouldn’t even consider her horse aggressive anymore, she just protects herself when needed. She’s never even really acted mare’ish. She runs to greet us at the gate every evening, and we run up together. Yesterday, she was running around with me in the pasture for so long she was about to fall asleep after.

She likes running ahead most of the time. If i lag behind, she’ll turn around and shake her head at me.
This was her switching her gait – when from a fast walk to a pace. She jumped up in the air to change leads. That’ll be fun to ride. 😉

I’ve been on her back a total of 3 times in the 6 months we’ve had her. Once with the hackamore, taking things extremely slow because her weight was still down. Once bareback with a halter and lead, mom close next to me just in case. She seemed very confused by why I was on without a saddle, I’m assuming she’s never been ridden bareback, it would make sense given her past. The third ride was the best, we used the hack again and realized she definitely needs a bit in her mouth in the beginning. We paced her, and she was very eager to go faster. Good ride around the pasture, but she needed to be lunged first to get her sillies out.

We’ve lunged her..I don’t even know how many times. She’s done excellent every time. She was afraid of the whip at first, but she works through it as she goes. We’ve gotten very far with that and she’s not as skiddish as before.

Every farrier visit, she gets better, although she makes it clear that she prefers simple work and no fun gimmicks. She needs a soft hand, someone near her to tell her she’s alright when something loud happens. This is only at farrier time. When we discovered the scars on her legs from the soring, we understood why.

She’s getting that big butt.

I wish I knew how much weight she’s gained! Her ribs can be felt now, but aren’t visible unless she’s walking and stretching herself out. Her hidnquarters are finally, finally filling out now. You can still feel the 3 bones on the bottom of her spine area but they’re getting covered up now. Her butt is started to rise off of the bones, lol! Her neck has gotten wayyy fatter, needs a lot of muscle now but we’ll get there when we get there. Her winter coat has slicked off perfectly, and we were told that last year she had her hair until June. So that definitely says something for her health. She’s sunbleached but she is very shiny. She stands much better to be hosed off or bathed, before she really didn’t like the water. Now she’ll sit and enjoy it.

Ears are back because Stormie kept running to her butt to get to the water, rofl.

She’s getting along with the horses 99% better. Red and her have her moments but her and Stormie get along pretty well now. She still likes to hang away from them and be off by herself or with people instead.

I think this comparison will say it all –

January 10th. We thought about getting her, our minds swaying towards a “No” when we turn back and see her standing in the field, bullied out of eating hay. We decided yes, wondering if she’d even make the trailer ride home. She had very bad loose stool, unhealthy winter coat and you could feel every bone. Hooves were still long even though our friends had tried to get them taken care of.
Later in January.

And yesterday. (PS: I discovered that when I get her standing decently, she’ll stay still if I tell her to. Apparently she knows what “stand still” means? Lol!)

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