SFTS Blog Hop: Heart Horse + An Update.

Oh, hello there. I’m still alive, as are my horses. I keep meaning to sit down and write a post up, but really…there hasn’t been much to write about. I’ve been doing a lot of groundwork and lunging with Red, he’s been great. A couple bareback hacks. Jubilee has been getting a lot more of my attention lately now that she’s picked up more weight, we’re scheduling another vet visit for her on the 15th to get this diarrhea thing figured out. We’ve done a bit of lunging, a lot of groundwork, and a lot of playing at liberty. She’s so much fun to mess around with. We take runs together every evening (Just her running by my side, she likes to play chase.) and enjoying our time together. Stormie is also great, enjoying lazy and spoiled life. 🙂 All is so quiet right now there just hasn’t been much to say. I’ll be riding a few times a week as soon as the round pen’s up, so much more media will be posted then. My step-dad currently has no feeling in his right foot and his back and leg are messed up, so no working for him until doctors figure it out. 😦 Anywho, Jen started a great blog hop about our heart horses. I love any chance I get to brag about my guy, so I decided to hop in and try to get back into the groove of horse blogging. 🙂 Thanks to her for putting it together!

We’ve all heard the phrase “heart horse,” whether you’ve used it yourself or overheard it in conversation. Having had (or currently having) a “heart horse” means different things to different people, but to me, a “heart horse” is a horse that you can’t imagine your life without. A horse that you know inside and out, from their unique quirks to the quiet moments to the successes and not-totally-awesome moments you have together. You know about their preference for taking the long spot every time, and that you really have to ask correctly to get that canter pirouette or it won’t happen. So, I want to know:
Do you currently have your “heart horse”? What makes a “heart horse” to you? If you don’t own a horse, have you ever leased a “heart horse”? 

My heart horse is, without a doubt, Red. All of the horse’s we’ve brought in and all of the one’s I’ve met, ridden and helped out with come nowhere near him. He frustrates me and annoys me so much some days, even to the point of me threatening to find someone to lease him out. He’s made me nervous to be in the saddle at times…but he’s also been my confidence builder. I’ve been forced to step up and become a better rider because of him, I’ve learned how to be patient because of him. I can’t even list all of the things that he’s taught me. He’s the only horse I’ve built a relationship like this with. Nothing could ever compare to seeing him out in my pasture, being greeted by a nicker every time, and having him follow me around and wrap his head around me, fishing for treats or scratches.

I can’t even begin to explain how he’s helped me through really dark times in my life. How many time’s I’ve gone up to the farm in tears, and left with a huge smile because of him. He’s my partner in crime. Anywhere I am, Red’s not going to be far away. I kneel down to take photos, his head is right there (see above photo, using me as a headrest is his fav thing.) I walk away from him, he keeps a close eye on me.

Even on the hard days, he’s exactly what I need. I remember one of our off days – he’d been so stubborn on the lungeline, all but completely destroyed my confidence in what we were doing that day. I remember going home so frustrated, wondering if I was doing anything right. He wouldn’t listen to my cues, wouldn’t join up…I left feeling like a totally horrible equestrian, and like my horse hated me and couldn’t way to be away from me.

Then, getting a phone call from my mother who’d gone back up later in the evening. She opened the car door, Red heard her. She sends me the video of him galloping to the car, straight to my door, and looking in the window. Nickering the whole time. He runs off when he realizes I’m not there, and runs back to the barn, looking in all of my usual places.

He’s great at making me feel loved, even when I’m at my worst.

(I went back up to the barn that evening, and he came running straight to me like “Human where you been?”)

I look at him knowing that I’ve been the one to discover just how great he is. I’m the one who got to fish for those hidden talents, who got that trot to stop sucking, who got him to be the easiest to catch in the field, who got him from awkward and langly to what he is now. We’ve been through so much together. He makes me want to become a better rider for his sake.

(ignore that hoof, it’s farrier time.)

I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


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