Back On The Trails!

We’ve had a major cool down (much much needed as it’s been in the upper 90’s feeling like 100+ with humidity) and it’s only supposed to last for a couple days so mom and I made plans to ride. I’ve been doing some free lunging to keep them in work while we haven’t been able to ride, but we’ve kept work at a minimum because of the heat. I finally got my Little S hackamore in the mail so I molded the rope a little so it wasn’t so huge and tested it out yesterday, just a little bareback hack. He was great, first time I’ve ridden bareback and not just sat on him since I got bucked off. πŸ˜‰ None of those shenanigans happened this time around thankfully.

Browband’s too high and his hack is sitting a littel low, but oh well.
You can see how wide the hack is in this photo, took it home that night to mold it closer.

We finally got someone to bushhog our new pasture that evening, so the horse’s are almost all set to move in. That will be another huge pasture, way bigger than the front on that they are normally in. And lots of nice shade for the summer. Not sure how many acres it is but it’s really big, we wanted to ride them in it so they can see all of the hills and uneven ground and get used to it before moving them. Red has ridden in it a few times beforeΒ  but it’s been awhile, Stormie’s never even seen that part of the land. We’ll walk Jubilee around in it later too. The hill is pretty steep going down so it’s hard work with riders, but they took their time and weren’t super spooky, just very happy to look around and see new stuff. Red had his ears perked the whole time. πŸ™‚

Red checking stuff out. Our arena is right to the right up the hill a ways, there’s a pretty large ditch when you enter in that we had to climb over.Red’s a pretty good 4-wheeler.
Stormie isn’t good at looking the right way.

Since they haven’t been on the trails in months now, we let them take it at their own pace and went very slow down the hill. Stormie is turning out to be a great little trail horse, keeps her head down low and slow paced the whole way. Red gets a little more excited over things and he really wanted to run up the hill, rofl. He also had a wasp bugging him the whole ride down the hill but he was very good. Going up hills, I love. Running up them is a blast…going down them freaks me out, so he took care of his nervous rider well.

I felt like I rode pretty well but one of my stirrups was way, way too short. Someone had used my saddle and jacked them way up, one was still too short and I didn’t have time to fix it how it needed to be. I need to work on leaning forward because leaning back is a big problem for me. Bad bad bad habit. My one knee was raised way up to the horn and I didn’t even notice it until I saw the photos, so excuse it please. πŸ˜‰

We walked them through the trail after we got down the hill – there’s a really nice, very narrow pathway that we’ve made at the bottom and it was way cooler down there with the shade and creek nearby. Then we let them run up the hill πŸ˜‰ We jogged halfway then I let Red get into a slow lope. Super proud of how he’s doing in the hack right now and I love my breaks.

We ran up to the new barn and let them take a breather inside.

He looks so short, what even? Where we’re standing in this will be a large wooden stall. Then there will be an opened area that will work as a run-in, then one other stall on the other side and a tack room.
Red had fun looking at all of the tools in front of us.

We went back to the front pasture, and I let him trot up and down the road a bit to get some more energy out since he was still very “up” at this point. My stirrups caused issues with my EQ, so I look completely terrible in the photos, but posting them anyways, ha. He was very well-behaved during this, and I asked for a bit of an extended trot. I need to work on his roundness and headset obviously, his trot isn’t ideal right now but that being said…I’m pretty happy. First time doing extended trot in quite awhile. I’m not a fancy rider by any means but I do think it’s looking good.. oh dressage riders, feel free to ring in! πŸ™‚

Once again, please ignore me. I look terrible.

Then, we had the bright idea of letting Stormie and him race again. We were off…getting into a lope…and Red started slinging his head. I pulled him back and circled him, told him woah and he knocked it off very quickly and he wasn’t a struggle to control at all, and he walked back to the barn on an extremely loose rein and calm. I made him walk back up to the arena and walk/trot a few laps and he settled right back down. He got way over-excited and was also being annoyed by bugs on his face, so considering he broke out of it I’m not too upset over it. He needs to burn off more energy but that will be happening next weekend when our round pen is up. πŸ™‚

Right now I’m unhappy with his hooves. He was trimmed a few weeks ago and everything looked good, he’s having extreme growth right now, his feet are prone to go on random spells where they grow rapidly, and he’s chipping. A lot. I keep them very, very clean and they look okay and he’s not ouchy at all on any ground or gait, but yeah. He could use a little trim and he’s still a couple weeks off from being due. Oh well.

We untacked, cooled them off, fed them, then they got hosed off and loved on a bit. πŸ™‚

Princess pony has to have his shades.

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