Getting Back on Track.

So, working every day has seriously made my horse so much nicer.

We’ve been lunging every day (not long, although I’m planning on stretching the sessions out a bit now) and I’ve let him get his sass out. The day before yesterday, he immediately asked for a trot, so I let him trot. We’ve been doing a lot of trotting. The first day, he was definitely a lot more fresh on the line, I can see his energy starting to go down a bit (in a good way, not a lethargic and annoyingly lazy type of way, ha.) and he’s more interested in getting collected and supple on the line instead of just running. He got the day off yesterday, and I tied him to groom him and etc. I felt like spoiling him for a few minutes. He’s started to listen to me so much better. When I lead him away from the barn in the evening, he listens to me instead of me having to basically push him out of his stall (stall equals food+hay, leaving normally equals work.) and he tied quieter than normal. He tried moving away from me at one point but I told him no and he just listened. He’s letting me pick his feet without me having to practically use my whole weight to lift them up because he’s lazy. I ask him, and he just picks them up. Yesterday, we had to put them up after they had spent some time in the pasture after food. I called for him and told him to stall up, and guess what? He listened. He cantered right up that hill and stopped at me and let me walk him up peacefully.

Needless to say, I’m really happy with the change in my horse and I can’t wait to be back on his back to see how it’s effecting things riding wise. I’m not expecting lunging to make him perfect, but I do know this – my horse had a lot of pent up energy, and he needed an outlet. Desperately. I’ve given him one, and it’s worked. He’s calmed down a lot and he’s also a lot more respectful now that I’ve put my foot down and asked him to be more than a pasture puff other than when I’m riding.

The horse I have right now is not the horse I was given. This horse is big, much bigger than before, he’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s healthy. And he wants a job just as much as I want a calm and responsive, peaceful horse to ride. He’s stopped dragging himself to our area where we lunge and has started happily walking with me with ears perked. He’s not dreading the work. Call me crazy, but I think part of him actually enjoys it.

He’s the most beautiful pony. ā™„ā˜»

This weekend, I’m most likely riding at my old barn again because I was asked to help them out on a trail ride so one of her horses would be worked since she has too many to work herself. I’m also planning on riding Red on Sunday inbetween church.

He’ll get lunged today, hopefully tomorrow if I have time. His day off will be Wednesday’s started next week.I realized how hard it is to get him worked, then cooled off and etc in time for church in the evening. šŸ˜‰ Smelling like a sweaty horse isn’t exactly smiled upon…even though I always smell like a horse. Jubilee will get worked probably today as well. It’s going to be so much easier to work both of my horses once the arena is done. šŸ˜› We’re getting the pasture we just fenced in bushhogged so there are no scary holes or stumps that we can’t see because of how grown up it is, then we’ll be free to finish up, turn them out to another pasture (where there is actually GRASS.) and finish the arena. Woot! This summer is going to be great, horse wise šŸ™‚ I hope they’re prepared to be active.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track.”

  1. I’m so happy that the lungeing is making progress. I found that my riding has improved since learning to lunge and control a horse on the ground. I’m sure it would have a huge effect on how Red behaves under saddle.


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