New Schedule!

Yesterday,I decided to start up our new work schedule. I’m going to start lunging about 4-5 times a week. Light work to lead him up to it so he doesn’t get sore. I expected him to be a little sour because the other horses were eating hay without him, plus he hasn’t been lunged in while and normally gets sassy if I ask for a trot. He crowhops for a minute then typically gets over it. But he was absolutely fabulous. We started off with walking, I wanted to make sure the ground was okay and warm him up before I asked him to do any work. We did a couple laps, then I asked for a jog. And he did it with no fight at all. I brought my lunge whip out and was totally prepared to be the boss and make him do it if needed, and I went out with a good mindset. I played some music in the background and made myself focus on getting him to work around the beat, and it was a really nice session. We just did walk/trot since the grass was wet and slightly muddy. No sense in making him fall.

He switched directions very well, stopped when I asked, slowed down when I asked. Very, very good pony. 😉 He did want to stop a little early which is normal for him so I made him walk off so we’d end with him knowing he needs to listen to me and I decide when he stops.

Then, we got on Jubilee. 3rd ride on her. 🙂 She stands to be tacked up and mounted very well, she didn’t like the hack though. It was the only bridle we had set up that would fit her. She also had a few bad moments of wanting to be at the barn, but we got some really good work in. For her first real ride (actually being asked to work and not just walk around) she did very, very well. At the end, we even let her gait up the driveway. She paces, and oh my gosh, that was fun to ride. She loves going fast, haha.

Her belly is going uppp! This was before the ride 🙂

The farrier will be out this evening, so Red will get a day off of work and we’ll pick back up tomorrow. I’m thinking of rotating days starting next week so Jubilee will get worked one day, then Red the other day. We shall see 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Schedule!”

  1. I’m so happy that you are focusing so much on lungeing and that your are not just to wear them out. I’ve been doing a lot of lungeing these past few months and have learned how important it is. It’s so great that Jubilee and Red are doing so good; Jubilee looks sop much better than in the first picture I saw of her.


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