Photo Overload!

Yesterday, our neighbor texted while we were at the farm feeding the horses and told me that her husband was planning on getting their mare out to lunge her if I wanted to get some action shots of her. I love taking photos of this horse (Arabians. Most photogenic breed ever, I’m convinced) and I needed to get some practice in with my new camera before hitting the next few barrel races. So once we finished up, I went across the street and got started. I took approx. 500+ photos of this horse, so obviously only posting my favorites for now. 😉 If anyone wants to see the whole session (not all of them obviously but the ones I like best.) you can go to Facebook photography page and see them.

How is this horse in her mid 20’s?

She had a few little “green” moments but she’s such a good horse, and she’s got one amazing extended trot and a beautiful canter. 🙂 I’ve been told to go ride her if I ever want to, but I’m so busy I barely have time to ride Red. On the brightside, our second pasture is almost done and fenced in so I’ll have way more time soon.

And of course, right after I was joking to my neighbors about never getting action shots of Red because he’s lazy…I went up to the farm and he decided to kick up his heels some, ha! He followed me back to the barn and was being really sweet, so I asked him to move off to see what all he’d do. He was in a great mindset for liberty. I basically let him go his own pace but asked him to stay in a large circle, and he chose to gallop.

  I’m riding Jubilee sometime this week and most likely lunging and hopefully riding Redman. 🙂 Looking forward to having that pasture done so I can have my life back. 😉


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